Foundation to Your Child's Future.

Your child is ready to read – how exciting! Teaching your child to read is an exciting time, but it also comes with trepidation and perhaps nostalgia, your child is growing up.

Helping your children become lifelong readers has numerous benefits. They will be more confident, perform better academically and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Whether you are thinking about teaching your toddler or pre-schooler to read or want to improve your child’s reading, we have the resources to help.

On our site, you will find recommended reading programs and posts filled with helpful and relevant information. We also have a library of free printable activities to help make reading fun for both you and your child.

Let’s face it, although we want our children to learn to read, practising everyday can become boring and at times frustrating. So, mix it up a little, have some fun and enjoy this next milestone in your child’s life.

Don’t forget to check out our recommended books for all ages. Enjoy our content and leave us a comment on your experiences – the funny and helpful ones.

8 Reasons Your Child Hates Reading

Does your child seem disinterested in reading? Do you find yourself constantly battling to get your child to practice their reading? Does it sometimes feel as though you are doing ...
Girl Reading Chapter Book

Best Chapter Books to Read Aloud

As your child gets older, their attention span increases, and suddenly you can easily read 2, 3 or more books during a bedtime reading session. If you find yourself in ...
Dad Reading Book to Baby

30 Best Books for Babies and Toddlers

With the vast number of books on offer, choosing the best books for babies and toddlers can seem daunting.You may be wondering if there is any benefit to reading to ...
Best Books for Beginner Readers

Best Books for Beginner Readers

After years of reading picture and chapter books aloud with your child, at some point, they will become independent readers who are ready for beginner readers. Selecting the best books ...
Girl Reading a Classic Book

Top 10 Classic Children’s Books

There is something magical about reading a classic children’s book. The memories of reading these books as a child come flooding back.Despite hundreds of thousands of children's books for sale, ...
Age-By-Age Guide To Reading To Your Baby

Age-By-Age Guide To Reading To Your Baby

Today you’re a Princess locked away in a faraway tower waiting to be rescued. Tomorrow you’re crossing lakes of fire and slaying dragons. The night after that you’re in an ...
How To Use The Homer App For Kids

How To Use The Homer App For Kids

We all want the best for our children, and their education is no exception. Are there ways that we can help them learn in a fun and engaging way? Luckily, ...
How To Teach Your Child To Read A Book In 30 Days

How To Teach Your Child To Read A Book In 30 Days

It is not as tough as you would imagine educating your kid to read at home. Indeed, you can teach your daughter or son to read their first book in ...
Is Early Reading A Sign of Intelligence Discover 5 Ways To Help Your Child Read Earlier

Is Early Reading A Sign of Intelligence? Discover 5 Ways To Help Your Child Read Earlier

Being able to read is a vital part of a child’s development. It allows them to broaden their vocabulary by learning new words, exercising their brain as well as exploring ...
Homer Learning App Features & Review Is It Worth It

Homer Learning App Features & Review: Is It Worth It?

Homer is an app that turns learning into a game. Engaging children aged 0 to 8 years and helping them to enjoy and love learning. There are numerous features within ...
Parent Teaching Toddler to Read

How to Start Teaching Your Child to Read

Teaching a child to read begins at birth with the reinforcement of pre-reading skills. As soon as your baby is born, they are exposed to words in verbal form. Reading ...
Mum Teaching Reading Fluency

How to Improve Children’s Reading Fluency

Reading fluency refers to the ability to read text accurately and quickly with expression. Children who are fluent readers can rapidly recognise words, know where they are in a sentence ...
Girl Reading Sight Words

How to Teach Sight Words Effectively

Did you know that there are over 220 sight words in the English language and that these words account for about 60% of the most frequently used words? That's why ...
Teaching Child Phonics

How to Teach Your Child to Read Using Phonics

Teaching your child how to read using phonics is essential for their reading success. This post will discuss how to read using phonics and the steps for teaching your child ...
Improve Reading Comprehension

How To Improve Children's Reading Comprehension

While reading is a fundamental skill that we learn in elementary school, it's important to remember that reading comprehension is the ultimate goal, therefore it is important to know how ...
3 Girls Reading Books

Reading Milestones by Age

Reading is an important skill to learn and a big step in your child's early development. Being able to independently dive into books — to feel the joy of reading ...
Children Improving Reading

How to Improve Children’s Reading Skills

Reading skills are an essential part of your child’s development and academic achievement, but you may be wondering how to improve your child's reading skills. Strong reading skills will help ...
Boy and Girl Phonemic Activity

Activities for Phonemic Awareness

Before we dive into the activities for phonemic awareness, let's first recap the difference between Phonics and Phonemic Awareness. Phonemic Awareness is about understanding that each phoneme makes a sound ...
Dad Reading with Child

Benefits of Reading with Your Child

As parents, we know there are many Benefits of Reading with Your Child. But what are the actual benefits of reading with your child and how can we help our ...
What is reading fluency

What is Reading Fluency And Is It Important?

What is reading fluency, and is it important? In a nutshell, reading fluency is the ability to read as we speak. In this post, I will discuss what is reading ...
Phonics vs Phonemic Awareness

Phonics vs Phonemic Awareness & What You Need To Know

I will start by sharing a little secret with you. Even though I taught my son the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that each letter makes, at the ...
Boy reading

10 Great Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read

One of the challenges we face as parents when teaching our children to read is that they can often feel like it is a chore. So we have put together ...

7 Reading Comprehension Strategies

Teaching your child to read is just the start. Teaching your child reading comprehension strategies is the ultimate goal. I know teaching your child to read can be challenging. It ...

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