Potty Training


Goodbye Nappies!

Eventually, the day (and next milestone) is on the horizon. Daylight can be seen at the end of the very, very long nappy tunnel. Did you know that on average, a baby or toddler will go through 2,200 diapers in their first year alone, Yikes!

No more lugging a large nappy bag around with you everywhere. Truth – it just gets a little smaller before you say goodbye completely.

No more blowouts – well not entirely true.

No more trying to keep your squirming little one from rolling off the changing table at home or in the mall. Or worse trying to find a clean spot on the floor as they are no longer willing to lie down on a changing table. Argh. You will not miss those days.

Jokes aside, this can be a stressful time for toddlers and parents alike. However, there a few guidelines that may make this transition to freedom and independence a less rocky path.

In our posts, we will tackle

  • When is it a good time to start potty training?
  • Is your toddler ready to potty train?
  • How to prepare for potty training.
  • How to approach potty training, so that your little one feels part of the training.
  • Best products that may make your life a little easier.
  • What to expect – can you really have a child potty trained in 3 days?

Enjoy our content and leave us a comment on your experiences – the funny and helpful ones. We all need to laugh some times and as our little individuals – are well individual – advice in how to tackle potty training can make a world of difference for our ever challenged parents navigating yet another milestone.

Boy On Potty with Teddy

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Potty Training Books for Girls

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Best Elimination Communication Potty

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Best Elimination Communication Books

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Toddler on Potty

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