Healthy Eating


Vital for your child's health, growth and development 

Children need to be physically active and eat the correct balance of nutrients to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit.

Healthy eating during childhood reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. It also enhances their health, appearance, and enjoyment of life.

From the time your baby starts eating solids, it is essential to provide your little one with various nutritious foods. In the early years, most of the food that your child will eat will come from you. Educating your children about healthy nutrition from an early age will help your child to make healthier choices in the future.  

Every child is different- young children will naturally tend to eat healthier if given a variety of options, but older children might need more guidance on their dietary choices.  

With so much information, it can be challenging to know what is healthy and nutritious and help your child develop healthy eating habits that they will carry with them through to adulthood.

The information on our site will help answer questions like:

How should I introduce solid food to my baby?

What are the best solid foods to start?

How much should I feed my baby?

Which foods should I avoid?

And much more.

Everyone can learn to practice healthy eating. It's not about being perfect or giving up the foods we love; instead, it's all about learning to make healthy selections daily.

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