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Sleep Sense Program

If you have a baby or young child that is not sleeping through the night, then you are not alone. You are probably asking yourself if you should start sleep training your baby or toddler.

You may wonder if sleep training is even right for you and your child.

The mere words sleep training may conjure up images of your poor baby crying themselves to sleep and you crying in another room (we have all been there).

In this review, I will share with you my personal experience with the Sleep Sense program. How it gave me my life and sleep back and how to this day my son loves his sleep and is an excellent sleeper.

So let's start…

The ONE thing, no-one, tells you before you have a baby is that …


The fact is we need to teach babies, and young children how to sleep.  

Before I go into the details of the Sleep Sense Program, I wanted to share my personal sleep story with you.

I am what people would call an ‘old’ mother giving birth to my son at 42 years old. I did not read any books before he was born, except baby name books as I naively believed that if my baby was fed and had lots of love, everything would be fine.  

How hard could it be, it’s just a baby – right?


Nothing prepared me for sleep deprivation. 

People would say things like “You don't know what tired is until you've had a child.” Or “You think you're tired now, wait until the baby is born.” I smiled, I nodded, but they were right. I didn’t know what tired was until I had my beautiful son.

I will not bore you with all the details.  Let's just say that after only 8 weeks of a lack of sleep (I know many of you reading this will have been sleep deprived for months perhaps even years) I was already really feeling the effects of sleep deprivation (possibly made worse by my old age 😊). I was only taking 3 months of maternity leave (my husband became a Stay at Home Dad), so I knew I had to get some sleep.

I knew that babies only slept for 3-4 hours and that I had to feed my son. But the problem was how long it took him to go back to sleep after a feed. By the time he eventually went back to sleep, it was 2 hours later, and he was awake again for another feed. So, neither of us was getting enough sleep.

I started researching sleep training and the best way to get my son to sleep. I tried all kinds of crazy things over the next few weeks.

  • Placing black plastic sheeting on the windows.
  • Sitting next to his cot, on a chair with my hand on his chest to stop him from jerking himself awake, when he eventually did fall asleep.
  • Rocking him to sleep.
  • White noise apps in the cot.
  • Barely breathing and tiptoeing around my own house so as not to disturb him and getting as mad as hell when the dog next door barked, or my poor husband made a noise in the kitchen.
  • Sitting on the floor next to his cot in the dark, putting his dummy back in his mouth if it fell out, and then literally crawling on all fours out of the room when I eventually thought he was asleep.

It sounds almost crazy now as I write this, but I did them because I was desperate. 

That was until I came across Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Program. I had already read other books from sleep training experts and tried their methods with little to no success, so of course, I was sceptical, but I needed sleep.  

So, I read the book and followed the steps exactly as outlined. I also kept track of all my son’s naps and bedtimes. 

I could not believe it, within 2 weeks of starting the sleep training and at 3 months old, my son was sleeping through the night from 7 pm – 7 am. 12 hours of blissful undisturbed sleep, something I had almost given up hope of experiencing again for a long time.

I was happy; my son was happy; we were all happy.

Looking back at those times now it seems surreal, but I want to let you know it is possible.

  • You can get your life back.
  • You can feel human again.
  • You can wake up not feeling exhausted.

To this day, my son is an excellent sleeper. He goes to bed every night at 7.30 pm and sleeps until 6.30 am. He never fusses about going to bed, will sleep anywhere, and never comes into our room.

Now when friends or colleagues of mine are pregnant, I only give them one piece of advice, and that is to teach their baby to sleep.

It is never too late or too early to start with sleep training.

For those of you who are still reading, I completely understand, you are not going to just take my word for it. You want the details; you want reassurance this program will work for you and your child.

The review below will cover the details of the program, Pros and Cons, pricing, what’s included, and how the program works.

Review of: Sleep Sense by Dana Obleman

Use: Teaching your baby or young child to fall asleep independently and sleep through the night.


Ease of Use


The program has already helped over 109 000 parents just like you and I. I can talk from personal experience if you follow the program it works.

The program is easy to follow and in simple terms. There is a lot of information, but this is categorised by age group so you can skip the sections that are not relevant for you.

There are 3 different editions, so there is an option to suit everyone's budget. It is also a lot less expensive than hiring a Certified Sleep Consultant.

We Like

We Don't Like

  • It is NOT a Cry it Out method

  • It is customised to your child’s age and personality

  • Comprehensive and easy to follow

  • Content is easy to read – written for parents

  • Different Editions to suit all budgets

  • The Platinum Edition offers personalised help and access to Dana via conference call and email

  • Includes sections that deal with sleep training for twins, triplets and multiples

  • Results are seen quickly, provided you are consistent

  • 12-month hassle-free money-back guarantee

  • There is a lot of content – although this content is organised by age group so you can skip the parts that are not relevant to your child

  • Has little content about potential sleep regression

  • Results for naptimes seem to vary – with some parents seeing improvement in both night, and daytime sleep while others seem to see little or slower progress with daytime naps.


The Sleep Sense Program has far more to like about it than not.

I would personally give this program a 5 out of 5. There are however some negative reviews of the program. These are mainly from parents who do not like the amount of reading or do not like hearing their baby cry. I will deal with crying during the review as it is NOT a Cry it Out program.  

Overall, this is a great product that we highly recommend.

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Cool Kids Hub Overall Rating 4.7/5 stars

Price: From $47 once-off

The Biggest Question – Is this a Cry it Out Method?

For many parents, the thought of hearing your baby cry is more than you can bear, and this is entirely natural. It is an instinct when we hear our baby or child cry to want to comfort them and make everything alright.

I wanted to deal with what I know is probably the biggest question many of you may have. 

Does this program involve the CRY IT OUT method? And the answer is NO; it does not.

Of course, there will be some crying from your baby, and Dana discusses this in the program. This crying from your baby is their way of protesting the changes you are making. If you have been rocking or feeding your baby to sleep every night, you can understand why they may cry when you change this. 

Dana's response to this question.

“Please understand that I will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone, nor will I ask you to ignore their cries. The reason that The Sleep Sense Program is so effective is that it allows you to develop a plan that you feel comfortable with, based on what you know about your child.”

If you cannot tolerate listening to your child cry even for just a few minutes, then this program may not be right for you.

The Program Author

Dana Obleman is a mother of 3 children. She has been working full-time as a child sleep consultant since 2003. Dana has a degree in Psychology and another in Elementary Education.  

Dana has appeared on national television, been interviewed for several major publications, and featured as a guest on a radio talk show. She has previously shared her methods with a group of family doctors at the University of British Columbia. 

Dana Obelman
SS Web Banner

Dana has a great Facebook page where you will find lots of positive feedback from parents just like yourself. She also has over 490 helpful videos on YouTube (this is how I came across her).

Who would benefit from the Sleep Sense Program?

The program is for babies and toddlers up to the age of 5 years old.

If you are currently nursing, bottle feeding, rocking, or driving around in the car to get your child to sleep. If they will only fall and stay asleep with a pacifier or you are getting up multiple times in the night, then this program will tell you how to fix these issues quickly.  

If a lack of sleep is impacting your life, relationships, other children, work, and health both mental and physical. If you are feeling exhausted and frustrated all the time, then this sleep training program is for you.

What is the Sleep Sense Program?

The principle of the program is to get your child to learn how to put themselves to sleep independently and then stay asleep through the night. 

The earlier you start with your baby, the better. You cannot expect your newborn to be sleeping through the night until around 3 months of age, their tummies are too small, and they require regular feeding.

For newborns (up to 3 months of age) the program focuses more on how to create good sleep habits for your baby. The program is customised for each age group. The steps for getting a baby to sleep through the night are different from that of a toddler.

How Does the Sleep Sense Program Work?

As I mentioned, the program is customised depending on the age of your child. Dana offers parents an initial customised sleep assessment for free, which you can complete online. There are 6 simple questions to answer, and you receive your assessment results via email.

You can take the assessment here:

The program focuses on teaching your child how to fall asleep independently (without the use of any sleep props) and then stay asleep throughout the night.

Dana outlines the importance of a consistent:

  • Sleep schedule – This means putting your baby or young child down to sleep for both nap and bedtime at the same time each day where practical.
  • Bedtime routine – A bedtime routine of around 30 minutes each evening before bed which helps your child transition from day to night and get ready for sleep.

These are discussed in detail in the program, with recommended routines depending on the age of your child.

As with anything new in your child's life, there may be some resistance. Dana understands that children have different personalities and provides several methods to help you navigate the process with your child.

Sleep Sense is an easy-to-follow, straightforward step-by-step program. The program teaches everything you need to know and what to do when things do not go according to plan. There is plenty of information explaining why each step is so important, so you are not left wondering ‘what next?'.

Every parent (especially one who is sleep deprived) wants to know how long it will take to start seeing results after starting sleep training. 

This question is not easy to answer, as every child is different. However, most parents start seeing a difference in their child's sleep after the 3rd night. I can personally attest to this as I noticed a difference in my son's sleep after a few nights and as I said he was sleeping through the night after 2 weeks of the program.

What’s Included?

There are 3 options:

  1. The Basic Edition
  2. The Gold Edition
  3. The Platinum Edition

The content for all the editions is digitally downloadable, so you get immediate access.

The program also comes with a 12-month “No Hassle” Guarantee.

Sleep Sense Guarantee

If you decide for any reason during the 12 months after purchase that the program is not right for you, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

The table below is a summary of what is included. Below the table is the detail of each element of the 3 Editions.

Sleep Sense Program Editions

As you can see, there is a program to suit everyone’s budget. Even the Platinum Edition at $129 USD is less than a Certified Sleep Consultant whose prices start from around $400.

The Basic Edition – $47 USD

  1. Sleep Sense Downloadable eBook 

The book is very comprehensive. The book starts by explaining the importance of sleep, how your child’s sleep works, and the reasoning behind Dana’s methods.

Sleeping eBook

The next part of the book is categorised by age so you can go to the chapter relevant to your child's age. In this section, Dana outlines what an ideal bedtime routine and bedtime should look like for your child dependent on their age. Although the book is 197 pages long, the fact that it is split up by age group means that you can work through the book quickly.

Finally, the book details the appropriate method for your child dependent on age and personality for teaching your child how to sleep independently.

  1. Quick Start Guide and Workbook

The workbook provides you with blank worksheets where you document your plan for your child’s sleep schedule, bedtime, and nighttime wakings.

The workbook helps you to take action and is also an excellent tool if you have other caregivers that look after your child. The plan will ensure that you are all following the same plan when it comes to your child's sleep. Consistency is key. 

  1. Sleep Setbacks – Solved – Video Library

In this series, Dana deals with the most frequently asked questions parents have about implementing the program. Questions around travelling and vacations, if your child is ill etc.

When I did the program, I just used the eBook, so if you are happy to read the eBook, then the Basic Edition is the right choice.

The Gold Edition – $67 USD

  1. Everything from the Basic Edition
    1. Sleep Sense Downloadable eBook
    2. Quick Start Guide and Workbook
    3. Sleep Setbacks – Solved – Video Library 


  1. 14-Day Sleep Video Training Session

Each day you get a ‘how-to' video from Dana. In these videos, she outlines what you need to do each night over the 2 weeks.  

Sleeping video call

The great thing about these videos is that they are specific for your child's age. Dana also does a recap of the following evening – what may not have gone according to plan the previous night and how to fix the issue.

The videos also contain lots of other advice around:

  • How to get your child to take longer naps
  • How to set up a stress-free bedtime
  • How to handle sleep issues when travelling or if your child is ill. 
  1. Baby Sleep Bootcamp Video Recordings

The recordings are like having Dana explain the Sleep Sense Program to you in person. It is excellent if you do not want to or do not have time to read the book.

The video covers:

  • The quickest way to eliminate ‘sleep props’
  • Creating an excellent sleep environment for your child
  • What to do when your child wakes during the night
  • How to get your child to nap longer during the day
  • Stress eliminating secrets

The Gold Edition is perfect for parents who prefer to learn visually and who perhaps do not have time to read the 197-page book.

The Platinum Edition – $129 USD

  1. Everything from the Gold Edition
    1. Sleep Sense Downloadable eBook
    2. Quick Start Guide and Workbook
    3. Sleep Setbacks – Solved – Video Library 
    4. 14-Day Sleep Video Training Session
    5. Baby Sleep Bootcamp Video Recordings


  1. Sleep Sense Telephone Hotline

The hotline is a great resource. Each week Dana holds a conference call for parents who have purchased the Platinum Edition. You can ask your question which Dana will personally answer, or you can just listen to the questions from other parents. 

Sleeping telephone call
  1. Two Personalised Email Sessions with Dana

If there is a question still not answered you can email Dana and she will personally reply by the next business day.

The Platinum Edition is perfect for parents whose child may be a bit older (therefore have more poor sleep habits to change) or whose child has more complicated sleep issues. 

Benefits of A Good Night’s Sleep for your Child

The importance of a good night's sleep for babies and children is critical. Their brains are developing so rapidly, and the effects of not having a good night’s sleep are detrimental.

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep in children can result in: 

  • Obesity
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Poor Performance at School and Sport
  • Lack of Concentration and Forgetfulness
  • Increased Moodiness and Irritability
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Increased Anxiety
  • Increased Night Terrors, Sleepwalking, and Bedwetting

If you are still unsure as to whether this program is right for you and your child below are just a few of the many testimonials from parents who have used the Sleep Sense Program and are now enjoying a good night's sleep.

I would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to you. Your system is well explained and well researched and has worked wonders in our house. It is like Hana is saying ‘Thank You Mammy – I really needed this’, she is so happy since we began.

– Fiona

I must say the program is nothing short of a miracle…Our little baby was 5 1/2 months when we did it, and its changed all of our lives.

Ryder sleeps thru the nite and naps like a baby! Prior, he was up to nurse 4-5 times a nite and had never really slept in his crib during the day to nap .. I had to either rock him or nap with him on me .. turns out the little guy loves to be in his crib! My deepest thanks.

– Jill, Mike, and baby Ryder

We are writing you because we feel so well rested for the first time in 11 months that we actually have ambition to do things like email people!!!

It has been one week today and I can tell you the improvement is incredible! He goes to bed 2-3 hours earlier (and is truly tired) he sleeps completely thru the night and awakes only an hour earlier than before!

Now we can consider having another baby since I know this won't happen to me again!

Brandon, Angelique and Jace

Is the Sleep Sense Program Right for You?

As with any program or product, you want to know if it is right for you and your child. In this review, I have provided all the details about the Sleep Sense Program, including the pros and cons. But you may still be wondering if this is the right program for you.

As I mentioned in my review, one alternative to the Sleep Sense Program is to hire a Sleep Consultant. These consultants offer a variety of services, including phone and in-home support. These services are quite costly. Phone consultations generally cost between $150-$200 per hour. In-home consultations (typically 90 minutes) between $400-$800 and overnight consultations between $800 – $2000 per night.

You have also undoubtedly come across the Ferber Method of sleep training, and you can purchase the book (Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems) on Amazon for around $25, including shipping.

There are also many other Sleep books available to purchase. 

In terms of a comparable program to Sleep Sense, I could only find a few that offers an actual course. I have compared these programs to the Sleep Sense Program below.


Sleep Sense Program

Little Ones

The Sleep Lady

Suitable Age

Newborn to 5 years old

0-36 months old

2 Different Courses

  • 6 mths to 2.5 year old's in cribs

  •  2.5 years or older in beds


Basic Edition - $47 USD
Gold Edition - $69 USD
Platinum Edition - $129 USD

$120 – this is for the combo deal which is for 0-36 months old.
Alternatively, you can purchase one of their 4 age appropriate programs. These programs are $59 each

$149 for each of above courses.


12-month no hassle money back guarantee

30 days – if you are not happy can request a refund.

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee


The list below is for the Platinum Edition as this is closer in price to the Little Ones Program.

  •  Downloadable eBook

  •  Quick Start Guide and Workbook

  •  Sleep Setbacks – Solved – Video Library

  •  14-Day Sleep Video Training Session

  •  Baby Sleep Bootcamp Video Recordings

  •  Telephone Hotline

  • Two Personalised Email Sessions with Dana

  • Information on your baby's sleep

  • Videos to guide your use and understanding of the Sleep Program’s methods

  • Age specific sleeping’ and feeding schedules

  • Your choice of settling and self-settling methods that are age appropriate, responsive and effective

  • 2 hours of videos covering crying, night weaning, napping, and weaning off sleep aids

  • How to create your personalised sleep plan for your child.

  • Access to private Facebook group

  • Clarification on your sleep plan from a sleep coach through the Facebook group.

  • Follow up tips via email.


Overall, this program provides more value for money

Program is good if you are looking to tackle age specific sleep issues

This program also offers add on help that you can purchase in addition to the $149.  


There you have it a complete review of the Sleep Sense Program. There are plenty of eBooks out there you could try but having the additional resources of videos, guides, and workbooks makes the Sleep Sense Program real value for money.

As I said at the beginning of this review I can talk from personal experience, that this sleep training program works. I have recommended this program to many of my friends and work colleagues, even my neighbour’s daughter who could not thank me enough. Each one of them followed the steps in the program and achieved success and you can too.

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