Children Learning Reading Review

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As parents, we all want the best for our children. We want them to do well at school and in life. If you are anything like me, then once they started to say their first words, you started thinking about the next step in their development – Learning to Read.

Children Learning Reading Program

My son was around 18 months old when I taught him the alphabet and the sounds that each of the letters make. I was taught to read learning phonics, and this is what made sense to me as a parent. I was proud that my son knew all the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that they made.

That was until I got into trouble…

My son was around 4 years old when I was approached by my son's day-care teacher. She told me that although he knew all the letters of the alphabet, he tended to name them by the sound that they make as opposed to their actual name.

The daycare teacher proceeded to tell me this is not how they teach children to read anymore! They teach them to read the whole word as opposed to sounding it out.

I ignored her, and I am glad I did. Today my son is a confident reader, reading well above his age group. That is why as a parent of a confident reader I am excited to share the Children Learning Reading program with you. I know from experience that this approach of teaching phonics and phonemic awareness works.

It is obvious that the current method of teaching our children to read is not working. One only has to look at the literacy statistics around the world to verify this.

Review of: Children Learning Reading

Use: Teaching your child to read or improving your child’s reading.


Ease of Use


Definitely – the program has already helped over 78 000 happy parents and counting.

The program is very systematic and easy to follow.
You will need to commit a maximum of 15 minutes a day. Consistency is key to get the most out of the program.

There is only one affordable upfront payment – no subscriptions or ongoing fees. 

We Like

We Don't Like

  • Systematic and easy to follow system

  • Audio clips to help with the correct pronunciations of sounds

  • Short and effective lessons great for children’s attention spans

  • Can be used for children as young as 2 years old

  • Immediate access

  • Affordable with no ongoing costs

  • Backed by scientific evidence

  • Great bonuses

  • Lifetime upgrades

  • 60-day money back guarantee

  • Need to print the worksheets yourself

  • No App

  • Requires consistency

  • Internet connectivity required to download the program

  • Downloads as multiple individual files and not as a single package


The Children Learning Reading Program has benefits for both you as a parent and your child.

We could not find any negative reviews on the program and the positive testimonials are overwhelming.

Overall, this is a great product that we highly recommend.

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Cool Kids Hub Overall Rating 4.8/5 stars

Price: From $39 once off fee, this also includes lifetime upgrades

Who would benefit from the Children Learning Reading Program?

The program teaches toddlers and small children (2-7 years old) to read effectively. Your child will benefit from this program even if they can already read, as it will improve their fluency and increase their confidence.

The program is also suitable for older children who are struggling to read or are having difficulty learning to read. This program will help them to overcome this and read proficiently.

The program is not suitable for extremely young children, or children who have not yet learned to speak. The great thing about this program is that if your child can speak, it will help you teach your child to read fluently. 

Your child does not need any prior knowledge in English letters or reading to start the Children Learning Reading Program. As a parent, you do not need to have any teaching experience. Simply follow the simple, step-by-step lessons to achieve incredible results with your child.

What is the Children Learning Reading Program?

Children Learning Reading is a simple and proven method that helps parents quickly teach their children how to read. 

The program is based on scientifically proven methods of phonics and phonemic awareness. These are the most effective methods for teaching children to read.

The step-by-step program shows you exactly how to teach your child phonics and phonemic awareness. The program has easy lessons combined with fun games and activities, which will keep your child motivated and engaged.

The Program Authors

Jim Yang is a veteran reading teacher. Jim and his wife Elena developed the program and used it to teach their 4 children to read before turning 3 years old. The basic principle that inspired them to develop the program is to target the child's developmental stage. it is during this stage that you can aid the child's brain development as well as arm them with improved linguistic skills.

How Does the Children Learning Reading Program Work?

As other methods are based on a ‘whole language' approach, schools and alternative reading programs fail to teach our children to read effectively. These programs teach children to memorise word shapes and recognise words as whole pieces.

Alternatively, they teach children to read using ‘sight words.' Sight words are high-frequency words that should be known by sight. 

The problem with these approaches is that English words are not designed to be memorised as shapes.

Did you know that there are over 170 000 English words? To be able to read about 95% of all common text, your child would need a vocabulary of about 3000 words. How successfully would your child memorise 3000 words?

The Children Learning Reading Program focuses on 2 pillars of learning phonetic reading. A combination of synthetic phonics combined with phonemic awareness development. This means that you only have to teach your child the 44 sounds of English. 

The program is uncomplicated and incremental. One of the strongest points about the program is that it is not overwhelming at all. It is systematic and slowly builds up, giving your child enough time to master each level. It uses simple, fun and exciting methods that are short but still very powerful with each lesson typically lasting 3 to 5 minutes.

What’s Included?

There are 2 programs

  1. Phonics Foundations Reading Program and
  2. Advanced Phonics Program 

Both of the programs are digitally downloadable, therefore you get immediate access with no postage costs or waiting time. All the printouts are also easily printable.

There is also a 60 days money back, satisfaction guarantee. Their CONFIDENCE in their teaching methods is the the reason they provide such an extended guarantee.

Here is what is included in each program:

Phonics Foundations Reading Program – $39 USD

Children Learning Reading Program Contents
Children Learning Reading Story Pages
  • 32 Step-by-Step Phonics Lessons (That's ONLY $1.21 per lesson!)
  • Lesson videos showing how Jim Yang teaches the lessons.
  • Bonus 1: Flashcards and lesson printouts – Hit “Print” and you're ready to teach!
  • Bonus 2: Fun lesson activities and beautifully illustrated lesson storybooks.
  • Super fun and engaging phonics games to make the learning FUN and stress free. These are the games and activities Jim Yang uses in his reading classes.
  • Bonus 3: MP3 audios for all the phonics sounds taught.
  • Extra Bonus: Children's Favourite Nursery Rhymes Book – containing 35 fun to read rhymes.
  • PLUS you get lifetime access to program upgrades.

Advanced Phonics Program – $49 USD

This Program teaches ALL the complexities of English in 33 additional lessons that are logical, sequential, and easily understandable. It is a perfect addition to the Phonics Foundations Program.

Children Learning Reading Advanced Phonic Program
  • 33 Additional Step-by-Step Phonics Lessons (That's ONLY $1.18 per lesson!)
  • Printouts for all 33 advanced lessons.
  • MP3 audios for all the complex sounds taught in the advanced lessons.
  • Fun lesson activities and beautifully illustrated lesson storybook containing level appropriate reading material for the advanced lessons.
  • Super fun and engaging phonics games to make the learning FUN and stress free. These are games/activities Jim Yang’s uses in his reading classes.

Benefits of Reading for your Child

Being able to read is critical – could you imagine trying to navigate the world unable to read. 

Using Synthetic Phonics and Phonemic Awareness to teach your child to read has numerous benefits:

  1. Accelerates reading and spelling skills.
  2. Significantly increases vocabulary
  3. Improves word reading and reading comprehension.
  4. Develops a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem.
  5. Improves attention span and increases concentration levels. 
  6. Performs better academically.  
  7. Enjoyment of learning and developing new skills.
  8. Improves social skills and interaction.
  9. Supports cognitive development.
  10. Develops creativity skills.

Below are just a few of the many testimonials from parents who have used the Children Learning Reading Program to teach their child to read or improve their child’s reading.

My daughter is in grade 2, and it was brought to my attention by her teacher that her reading level was below grade level. After 2 months, my child is now reading at grade level and she has started beginner novels

M. G., Surrey, BC

Jim's program takes the mystery out of teaching children how to read.My older child is in grade 1. The teacher said her reading and writing is beyond grade level. My 4 year old in preschool reads several books a day on her own.

Parminder S., Surrey, BC.

we are so grateful and thankful that you came up with this kind of reading program. I avoided having my daughter being taught using sight words and whole language approach

Lorelie. F.

After Kindergarten my son could not read at all? His teacher said he would never be ale to keep up or catch up in 1st grade & wanted to hold him back…then we found your program…When he started 1st grade,he is reading and the teacher is ABSOLUTELY AMAZED and RAVES about his progress. you are a lifesaver!

Gia C.

You can click here if you would like to receive a FREE guide that explains in further detail how the program works and why it is so effective.

Is the Children Learning Reading Program Right for You?

As with any program or product you want to know if it is right for you and your child. In this review I have provided all the details about the Children Learning Reading Program including the pros and cons. But you may still be wondering if this is the right program for you.

So let’s look at how the Children Learning Reading Program compares to other programs on the market.

As you have been doing your research you would no doubt have come across numerous online reading platforms.

These are great for parents that are short on time as you can simply use the program on your computer or download the app and your child will be guided through the lessons on their own.

I have put together a list of some of the top online/app reading programs out there to help you decide. I do not earn a commission on any of the other products below however I wanted to ensure you have as much information as possible before making a final decision.


Children Learning Reading

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs

Kiz Phonics

Hooked on Phonics

Suitable Age

2-7 years old

2-13 years old

3-8 years old

2-8 years old


From $39 once off with lifetime updates

$10 USD monthly subscription for one child. 50% discount on your second child. 

$39 USD for a 6-month subscription for one child. They do not offer a monthly subscription.

Price - $6.99 USD monthly subscription. Access for 3 children across 3 devices.

They also have reading packs you can purchase starting at $79 USD.

Free Trial

60-day money back guarantee

30-day free trial and money back guarantee

Could not find any details regarding a free trial period.

The app offers a free 7- day trial.

Note after the 7 days this automatically becomes a monthly subscription charged to your i-Tunes account.


Phonics Foundations Reading Program

  • Phonics Lessons 

  •  Videos

  • Flashcards 

  • Activities 

  • Games

  • MP3 audios 

  •  Nursery Rhymes Book

  • Reading Eggs Junior

  • Reading Eggs

  • Reading Eggspress

  • Mathseeds

  • Worksheets

  • Videos and Songs

  •  Games

  • Listening Materials

  • Stories

  • Powerpoint Lessons

  • Lesson Plans

  •  Pacing Guides

The app comes monthly with the following:

  • Learn to Read App

  • Workbook

  • Storybooks

  • Discussion questions

  • Reward stickers


Encourages the child parent bond as you are actively involved in your child’s learning.

Complaints from parents related to:

  • Suitability of the lessons

  • Children guessing the words

  • Program freezing

Once you are a member you also have access to their online material

On a personal note I found this website very clunky and not really that clear about what is included (online vs offline).


There you have it a complete review of the Children Learning Reading Program. In my opinion, the Children Learning Reading Program differs from other online programs. As a parent you are truly involved in your child's learning and it takes as little as 10-15 minutes a day. 

The program is also value for money as there are no ongoing monthly subscriptions and you get lifetime updates which means you can use this program for all your children for a once-off cost.

While there are great online programs out there, the Children Learning Reading Program is the clear winner for me.

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