Potty Training Books for Girls


Potty Training can be a challenging time for both parents and toddlers. Your toddler has to be able to know when they need to go, time it so that they make it to the potty in time, pull down their pants, pee or poop in the potty and then pull up their pants and wash their hands. These are a lot of new skills for your little one to learn.

In addition, your toddler can become frustrated when they have to sit on the potty for a while.

Books are a great way to not only prepare your little one for potty training, but they are also great for keeping your little one entertained for those occasions when they have to sit on the potty for a while waiting to pee or poop. 

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Potty Training Books for Girls

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Our Top Pick

This book's superhero theme is perfect for taking your little girl on the journey to potty independence. Mabel Forsyth has beautifully illustrated the book. The images are bright, funny, and the perfect colors for little girls. 

Appropriate for age 12 months and above, you can start to get your little one interested in using the potty from a young age. The book covers all aspects of potty training, from teaching your little one to recognise the signs of needing to use the potty to dealing with accidents. 

The thick, good quality board pages are perfect for little hands and excellent for wiping away spillages. You can take this book with you when you are out and about as it will fit perfectly into your handbag or nappy bag. 


  • As it is a board book, it is perfect for little hands
  • The illustrations are fun and bright, which your little one will love
  • The Superhero theme will keep your little one entertained
  • Suitable for children aged 12 months +
  • Deals with all aspects of potty training in a positive way


  • It is a bit simplistic – older toddlers may find the book too simple.

Editors Choice

This book has an adorable Princess theme. The book follows the story of a princess from the time she was in diapers through to potty independence. The illustrations are beautiful, with lots of detail that will keep your little princess entertained. 

With a punch out tiara and reward stickers, your little one is going to love this book. Your toddler can wear the tiara on the potty, turning her into a true Potty Princess. 

The book also includes a few potty training tips for parents. The book is small and lightweight, it also makes it the perfect book to take when you are out. Princess Potty is a royal lesson your little girl will love!


  • Princess theme will make your little girl feel extra special.
  • Push out tiara and reward stickers to keep your little one motivated.
  • Small and lightweight making it perfect for taking when you are out and about.
  • Suitable for 2 – 4 years old's.


  • It only comes in a paperback version

Best Value

This cute book is informative and fun. The pictures throughout the book use real little girls who are great for helping your toddler associate themselves with using the potty as they see the girls in the book. The pictures are bright and colorful and the perfect pink for little girls.

The book will take your little one step by step through the process of learning to use the potty. The rhyming text, special reward chart and stickers will be a winner with your toddler.

The focus of the book is on encouraging children to use the potty correctly through praise and reward. This book is the perfect introduction to potty training. 


  • Includes pull out chart and 80 reward stickers which will keep your little one motivated.
  • It comes in hardcover, paperback and board book format, which means that you can choose the most age-appropriate format.
  • Great value with the paperback format


  • The illustrations are not as fun as some of the other books.

Runner Up

With a star rating of 4.7, this book is sure to delight your little one. Follow the story of Hannah as she progresses from diapers to being potty trained. One day Hannah's Mum and Dad come home with a large box with a potty inside; it is time for Hannah to be potty trained.

The illustrations are cute and fun, and your little girl will love looking at the pictures. The main character Hannah is a loveable character. The story is charming and funny, and your toddler will love the rhyming verses.

As your little one follows the story of Hannah, she will soon get the idea that it's time for them to become more independent too. The book is suitable for 1 – 3-year-olds.


  • Rhyming verses are always popular with little ones.
  • The cute, loveable character that your little girl will connect with.
  • Encourages independence
  • It makes learning to use the potty fun.


  • Only available in hardcover format

Runner Up

This book is an adorable lift the flap book, told through the eyes of the child. Your child will have lots of fun opening out the pages to see the child playing, sitting on the potty, eating, sitting on the potty again, sleeping and finally, success in the potty.

The book deals with accidents positively. Children who are more apprehensive about the potty will love the positive words "I'm so proud of me".

The book is beautifully illustrated with large, bold and colorful pictures. The print is larger, which is more suited to a younger toddler. The book is also small enough to take out and about with you. The book is recommended for 1 – 5-year-olds but is more suited to 1 – 3-year-olds. 4 and 5-year-olds may find the book a bit simplistic. 


  • Great for younger children.
  • The fold-out pages are engaging, which will keep your little one entertained whilst sitting on the potty.
  • The book has bright, colorful images and large text.
  • The story is told through the eyes of the child, which will resonate with your little one.


  • Although the book indicates it is a lift the flap book, there are no actual flaps but rather pages that open out.

Buyer’s Guide

Why Use A Book For Potty Training?

  • Children can find it challenging to sit still for long on the potty. Having a book to read with colorful, exciting illustrations can help keep their minds off of the fact that they are sitting on the potty waiting for a pee or poop.
  • Books are versatile, and you can take them with you when you are out and about.
  • Books are an excellent way for your little one to see and hear about how to use the potty. Your toddler can celebrate the characters' successes and realise that accidents do happen and that it is okay.

What Makes A Good Potty Guide? Features To Consider:


Books that are engaging with relatable characters and interesting, bright illustrations will have your little one asking to read the book over and over. 

If you can find a book with your little one's favorite TV character, this will be a bonus. The correlation between characters they love with learning something new will make the whole process seem less daunting. 

Age Appropriate

Generally, children will be ready for potty training between 18 months and three years old, so it is essential to choose an age-appropriate book. Ensure you select a book that is right in terms of vocabulary, illustrations, text size and suitable for your toddlers level of understanding. 

Books that refer to pee and poop using the correct terminology are best – there is little point in selecting a book that comes up with cute alternatives to pee and poop as this is just confusing for your little one. 


As this book is likely to be used relatively frequently, especially in the early days of potty training, hardcover and board books are best. These are more sturdy, easier to wipe and transport far better than paperbacks. That being said, there are some excellent paperback books out there, so whilst this may be a consideration, age appropriateness is more important. 


Again, this isn't necessary, and most potty training guides for toddlers aren’t longer than ten or twenty pages anyway. However, if the book is small enough to slip into your bag, you’ll be able to carry it wherever you go, and it won’t be a nuisance.

Repetition is vital when it comes to successful training, so being able to whip out the special potty book for a refresher lesson wherever you are will only be beneficial. If there's a Kindle version you can get as well, that's even better!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use a reward system during potty training?

There is no clear cut answer on this one. Some parents recommend rewards and have successfully used them to potty train their children. A word of warning, if you do decide to offer a reward, think carefully about what you are going to offer; it can become a pretty expensive exercise if you promise something like a toy for successfully using the potty. Some parents have successfully potty trained their children with no rewards. 

As a parent, you’ll know whether or not a reward for successful pottying is a good idea or not for your child: follow your instincts.

Are there any free potty training guides available?

There are plenty of free resources online, although most of these resources are more for adults than books aimed at children. There are also many videos on YouTube with hints, tips and practical advice you could check out. 

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Should I get an adult and a child’s potty training book?

If you feel like you want to learn more about the elements of potty training, whether that's biological, psychological or something more niche, a book could certainly be helpful. There is a tonne out there for new parents and lots of advice!

You don't necessarily need a grown-up version to go alongside the one you choose for your child, as they are different learning aids. You'll have a thorough understanding from every possible perspective if you do, though!

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