How To Use Dr Brown Bottle Warmer


If your baby is drinking milk out of bottles, then you want them to drink the best quality milk available.

Since they’re young and need the best feeding and drinking they can get. It’s important that you give them a bottle that’s going to be safe and easy to drink from.

This is where bottle warmers come in. They help to keep the milk at the correct temperature, which has a number of benefits to it.

But how do you use a Dr Brown Bottle Warmer? They’re some of the best on the market and need to be used correctly.

Well, we've got all the answers for you! Below, you’ll find a guide to Dr Brown Bottle Warmers, as well as a clear breakdown of how to properly use them. Read on!

What Is A Bottle Warmer?

How To Use Dr Brown Bottle Warmer

First off, let’s have a look at just what exactly a bottle warmer is – and what it does.

A bottle warmer is exactly what you might think, a device that will warm up your bottle of breast milk or formula.

The warmer brings the temperature of the milk up to the best amount of warmth for your baby to drink and enjoy.

Some bottle warmers can even defrost frozen milk, meaning that you can quickly use any reserves that you’ve had stored.

On top of that, some can even heat up baby food too! 

Why do they heat up the temperature?

Well, they heat up the milk so that it will be a temperature that’s a close approximation to the warmth of milk that a baby would get straight from the breast.

This makes it more natural for them!

Why Should You Use A Bottle Warmer?

Next, let’s have a look at the reasons why you might want to use a bottle warmer for your baby’s milk or formula. 

Using a bottle warmer is by no means essential for your baby. It’ll just make things a little nicer for them.

In fact, older babies can cope with colder milk.

But for a young baby, it will be nice to give them warm milk that’s close in temperature to that of the milk that would come from the mother’s breast. 

There’s a reason why warm milk is better and easier for the baby to drink, too.

Milk that’s at a warmer temperature is easier for young babies to digest, strictly because they won’t need to use any extra body energy to then warm up the milk inside their stomach. 

The Dr Brown Bottle Warmer

If you are going to use a bottle warmer, then the Dr Brown Bottle Warmer is a great choice and one of the best on the market.

This is for a number of reasons, namely its great features.

Firstly, it has a bunch of pre-programmed settings to help save you programming time and effort.

These range of settings cover all kinds of combinations of bottle type, bottle size, and desired milk or formula temperature – there should be one perfect for you! 

It also has a built in memory so that it will immediately remember the last settings that you used. Meaning that you can get your heated milk in no time at all, without having to fiddle through setting up the same things again and again. 

On top of that, it has an alarm to let you know when it’s done, so there’s no risk of you missing it and the milk going cold again.

Additionally, there’s no risk of the milk overheating!

It has an automatic shut-off which means it will stop heating the milk after certain time conditions. Preventing you from getting burning hot milk, or the product even getting damaged. 

It also has a great reservoir capacity for multiple uses between top-ups, due to the large water reservoir that warms up the bottles.

This creates a continuous stream of water around the bottle, and you can get multiple bottles’ worth of use out of one filling of water.

You will only need to refill the reservoir’s water every few bottle sessions. 

How To Use The Dr Brown Bottle Warmer

So, with all those great features, how do you actually use the Dr Brown Bottle Warmer? Read on!

Step 1

You want to take your Bottle Warmer and position it on a flat surface. You don’t want it to wobble or tip while it’s hot!

On that note, keep it and its electricals safely high and away from children’s hands.

Step 2

Now, make sure that the Bottle Warmer is unplugged because you’re going to be handling parts of it and don’t want to get burned.

Remove the water reservoir carefully. To locate it, it’s on the right-hand side of the main housing unit.

Step 3

Next, turn the water reservoir upside down, meaning that its small fill opening will now be facing up towards you.

The reservoir kind of looks like a kidney bean, the fill opening is a little notch. Fill it with DISTILLED WATER (not tap). 

Step 4

Now put that opening notch into the bottom slot of the unit, pivoting the reservoir vertically and snapping it into place. 

Step 5 

The reservoir will fill the heating chamber, so now you can plug the device into an outlet.

Step 6

Now fill the bottle with milk, put the cap on, put the bottle in the basket, and put that in the heating chamber. 

Step 7

Next, close the cover. Never use it without the basket! Press the keypad buttons to select a setting or set settings of your own.

Pressing up will increase the length of time, while down will decrease it. 

Step 8

When the heating cycle is over, the display will flash and then shut off after a minute.

Only then is it safe to remove it, which you’ll know because there are a series of five beeps.

Do NOT touch the heating chamber. The milk should now be at the desired temperature for your baby! 

How to Clean Dr Brown Bottle Warmer

Head over to our dedicated guide on how to keep a Dr Brown Bottle Warmer clean.

Final Thoughts

 There you have it! If you’re going to use a bottle warmer then the one from Dr Brown is a great choice – just follow our instructions for use and be careful!

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