How To Teach Your Child To Read A Book In 30 Days


It is not as tough as you would imagine educating your kid to read at home. Indeed, you can teach your daughter or son to read their first book in around thirty days without much effort on your part.

To your surprise, your youngster will enjoy learning how to read and will do so on a daily basis. Furthermore, it will only take 10 to 15 minutes every day to teach your kids how to read.

This is beneficial not just for the busy parents and caregivers, but also for your kid's literacy skills.

Kids have a hard time concentrating, and a literacy session that lasts too long can reduce the amount of information absorbed.

In addition, it may render your youngster reluctant to all forms of reading. So keep reading this article to see how you can effectively teach your kid to read a book in thirty days!

How Can You Teach A Child To Read A Book In Thirty Days?

A language consists mainly of commonly used terms. These are linking words, articles, such as and, as, at, the, etc. In most cases, the most used words – which are more or less about a hundred – are used in English literary texts in books, online articles, and so on. 

How To Teach Your Child To Read A Book In 30 Days

This implies that if your kid is capable of reading these common terms and phrases, they will be able to read parts of anything published in English. Regardless of whether it is a young children's book, the Scripture, or an article on politics.

And if your youngster only understands 30 terms, he or she will be capable of reading about a third of whatever is written in the English language. In other words, if they learn these 100 commonly used words, they will be able to read a text in a month.

Little kids understand things like symbols, even though, for example, they cannot break down a compound word.

Other than that, the majority of the commonly used words are not sounded out either. Therefore, your kid will memorize these keywords in much the same manner they would memorize all other things.

For instance, were you to offer your kid 100 things by presenting them ten at a time (things like a broom, a glass, a pen, a sandal, and so on) and encourage them to memorize these objects, you could effortlessly see them remember and name all of these things in a couple of weeks.

In this exact way, you can also get your kid to learn the commonly used words in English. Just by showing them the words in written form.

Kids will begin learning these words faster and more effectively since they will actually be receiving 1 on1 lesson from their parents. Whenever a kid starts reading in a classroom setting, they will share a language instructor with around 15-20 additional students. 

This implies that your kid can receive individual attention from the educator for approximately a minute throughout half an hour of class. This is primarily why it takes a kid so much time to learn how to read at school.

If you are looking for a reading program that will guide you in teaching your child to read, one on one, we recommend the Children Learning Reading Program.

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What You'll Need To Teach Your Kids To Read Correctly

What You'll Need To Teach Your Kids To Read Correctly

A kid can learn to read at home entirely for free, but you will need to contribute in your own ways and with your own skills to that.

Patience, Consistency, Dedication

Educating your youngster to read takes time and energy. You must teach them how to read every day (even if just for a couple of minutes per day). The key is to get it done regularly.

Therefore, teaching them to read is a task that presupposes your complete dedication (as a grownup), as well as discipline and consistency in your actions.

It's fine if you skip a day or two. You really should try to have a reading session with your kids at least five days per week.


It might sound obvious to all parents, but patience is much more important when it comes to educating your kid on how to read a book because it will be a completely novel challenge for both parties.

As a parent, one must find ways to keep the reading lessons brief and enjoyable, especially in tone. This will help to comfort the kid and maintain consistency in their progression.

Assess your and your kid's attitude and ensure you have your sessions only when both of you are in the mood to do so. It is pointless to teach them how to read if either of you is sleepy, just dined, or is about to go to bed or watch a favorite TV series.

Select A Standard Time And Spot For Reading

Kids learn by habit, so if you arrange a daily timeline and decide on a standard spot that will be their “reading spot” in the house. It will be easier to get them to read as they will know that it is that time of the day. Even more so, you might find it surprising how excited they will be to do so.

Interest Your Kids In Their Hobbies

As a mother or father, you are aware of your kid's hobbies. If you incorporate these terms into their reading session, you will quickly have an eager youngster. They will not only eagerly wait for their reading session but will also tell you which terms and phrases they would like to read and understand.

Make Reading Appear Simple

Make reading books a game that you can enjoy with your kid. Maintain a lively tone of speech, maintain eye contact, laugh, and lavish them with compliments.

The Bottom Line

Teaching your kid to read with phrases and words that he or she will enjoy will certainly have them grabbing the book every day to spend more time exercising their skills.

However, the most important thing of all is for them to enjoy it and feel like they are doing a good job. Don’t forget to make this a fun experience and praise them for their efforts!

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