Do Newborns Need Bibs?


If you have recently found out that you are expecting a beautiful baby boy or girl, can I first take the time to say a massive congratulations!

Expecting a baby can be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking times for any parent, but especially so when it’s your first child. 

For parents, it's not usually long before that excitement starts to subside and the panic sets in because let’s face it, there’s a lot of preparation to be done and a lot of responsibility coming your way. 

But stress isn’t great for Mom or for your baby, so I’m here to help you manage some of that stress today.

Just one of the million questions you probably have buzzing around your head right now is does my newborn baby need a bib? 

Do Newborns Need Bibs

As you’ll learn throughout your pregnancy, and once you have your child, is that there are no real black-and-white answers when it comes to parenting.

And this is no different, some parents like to have their babies in bibs from birth while others prefer to wait until they’re munching down solids, and some won't ever use them. 

Through this article, we’ll discuss bibs further so you can decide which option suits you best. 

Why Do People Use Baby Bibs?

A baby bib’s purpose is to protect your baby’s clothing and skin from any spills while they are feeding.

Meal time is usually a very messy time for your little one and bibs make cleaning up a little less frustrating for any parent. 

You’ll probably find yourself changing your baby’s clothes multiple times a day as it is, and will find yourself buried in washing so this will help alleviate this a little. 

There are many varieties of bibs, for newborns I would recommend a birthing cloth or a cloth bib, from there you can transition into the plastic and silicone styles.

But I would wait until they’re a little older before using these kinds. 

Do Newborn Babies Need Bibs?

Deciding whether you want to use a bib on your newborn is completely up to you. However feeding can get fairly messy, so they can definitely be beneficial.

It can stop you from needing to change their clothes so often, as most newborn babies do tend to spit up their milk. 

Because these spit-ups can often stain your baby's clothes it is also a cost saver to use bibs as otherwise, you’re likely to need to replace these kinds of clothes, especially sleepsuits. 

If you are worried about the size of bibs, you can purchase bibs designed specifically for children under 6 months old so you can be sure they are suitable.

They are also super easy to wash which also helps make your life that little bit easier. 

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How Many Baby Bibs Do Newborn Babies Need?

While buying baby accessories is an incredibly fun activity, it is also rather easy to be a little excessive with your purchases.

First-time parents especially can get caught up purchasing everything and anything that they see – the excitement gets you shopping in overboard mode! 

How many baby bibs you’ll want will depend on how often you plan on washing them.

Somewhere between 10-15 is usually okay if you plan on washing them regularly.

If you’re anything like me and tend to be a little unorganized, then you may want to opt for closer to 20-25 to ensure that you always have some spare. 

When you purchase your cloth bibs, you may also want to opt for a couple of silicone or plastic ones too.

Moving your baby onto solids may seem a million years away, but you’d be surprised just how quickly those six months come around.

What's great about being able to use these bibs is that they don’t require machine washing, they can simply be wiped down with a cloth. 

How Long Can Babies Wear Bibs For?

The only time that a baby cannot wear their bib is when they are sleeping.

So if you want to keep a bib on even after your baby has finished eating, that’s fine too. 

If your baby struggles with bad reflux or is teething so they are drooling often, then you may want to consider them wearing a bib more regularly to catch any mess that trickles its way down.

I suggest this because it is so much easier to change a couple bibs throughout the day than it is swapping several outfits. 

Of course, it is always important to remember that bibs can be a suffocation risk so I wouldn’t leave one on if you aren’t beside your baby.  

Are Bibs Safe For Newborns?

As a general rule, there isn’t a safety concern for your newborn to wear a bib. However, you should always be with your baby while they are wearing one.

I would also always advise using cloth bibs with full collars for newborns as the tying ribbons and plastic bibs have a higher risk of suffocation in newborns than they do in older infants. 

Can I Let My Baby Fall Asleep In Their Bib?

I really wouldn’t recommend letting your newborn fall asleep while they are still wearing their bib.

This is because you don’t want anything wrapped around your infant's neck as this is a high choking hazard or suffocation risk. 

If your baby tends to spit up a little when they are asleep, I would recommend placing a mattress protector between the mattress and the fitted bedding.

It is better to have to wash the bedding more often, than placing a bib or any other potential choking or suffocating item in the cot with your little one.

Final Thoughts

Expecting a new baby can seem like a really scary thing at first, but don’t panic.

Enjoy this time, it’s a really exciting new step in your life and you’re bringing a bundle of love and joy into the world. 

Deciding whether or not you want to put your newborn baby in a bib is completely up to you.

If you do decide to do so, just ensure that they are being supervised while wearing them, and do not fall asleep in them, otherwise, you should be absolutely fine!

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