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For some parents, the thought of potty training can be daunting. All toddlers are different and while some take to potty training with ease, others aren't as interested.

Most toddlers would rather have fun playing with their toys than learn how to use the potty and this can make the process much more challenging for you as parents.

We have a great solution. A potty training watch uses a timer with lights and music to remind your toddler when it is time to use the potty.

Time to go to the Potty

These watches can be super effective in making the process of potty training fun and there are many types available.

We have reviewed the selection available on the market and narrowed it down to our top five picks.

You will also find our buyer's guide below, containing our top tips for choosing the best product. Their potty training troubles will be flushed away in no time.

Our Best Potty Training Watch

Are you in a hurry? If so, we have selected our top pick for you below.









Intending to make potty training fun and engaging for your toddler, this timer watch by ATHENA FUTURES takes the stress out of the process by reminding them to use the potty throughout the day. 

Equipped with a range of timers, you can choose from 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours, and 3 hours, each of which is easy to set to a programmable loop.

This provides greater flexibility in allowing you to experiment with the different timers before finding the one that works best for your toddler. 

For many toddlers, lights and music make tasks much more appealing. This watch features flashing lights and music to remind them to use the potty, providing a distraction from what they are currently doing and making the process much more fun.

A great thing about this watch is that it's waterproof. Once it is secured to your toddler's wrist you never know when an accident involving water may occur but the design ensures that it is safe from damage.

This is also helpful when it comes to hand wash time as it doesn't need to be taken off each time.


  • This watch has a rechargeable battery and a standby time of 3 days.
  • It is backed with a 30 day warranty if you should experience any problems.
  • The fun strap design is likely to be engaging for your toddler.
  • The smart sensor detects when the watch is and isn't being worn.
  • It has a long battery life.


  • Some may find the volume of the music to be a little too quiet.



A great way to remind your children to use their potty is by using the Kidnovations Premium Potty Training Watch.

Featuring a selection of alarms you can select the best option and once the alarm sounds, it will automatically reset throughout the day unless it is turned off. 

With a bright-colored design and soft silicone strap, this watch specifically accommodates the wrists of smaller children and toddlers. The rubber is also non-toxic and free of BPA and latex so it is safe for your toddler. 

Impressively, this training watch boasts numerous great features. When you're at home it can be set to play fun music, however, when worn to school or in quieter areas, it can be set to mute or vibrate so it doesn't disrupt others. 

As all parts of this watch are waterproof, it doesn't need to be removed when your children wash their hands. It is also going to be able to withstand the fun of playtime without becoming easily damaged.


  • There are multiple calming color options available.
  • It is covered with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you should experience issues.
  • It clearly displays the time making it suitable for use beyond the days of potty training.
  • This watch is chargeable and can be done via the micro USB charging cable.
  • It is water-resistant so isn't going to become damaged.


  • Some may find this watch difficult to use as the touchscreen face can be a little temperamental.



The Potty Time Original Potty Watch plays gentle music to remind your toddler when it is time to use the potty.

It also features colorful lights that are bound to get your toddler excited about potty training time. 

This watch provides you with the flexibility to select different timers. For consistent reminders throughout the day, you can choose from a 30, 60, or 90 minute timer.

This helps to introduce routine to potty training so that your toddlers become familiar with using the potty at regular intervals throughout the day.

The wristband is made from a soft jelly-like material that is also hypoallergenic and comfortable for your toddler to wear.

After all, if it isn't comfortable it isn't going to appeal to them. The watch also features a stainless steel buckle that can be altered to suit different sized wrists. 

Impressively boasts a childproof design and features a child tamper and water-resistant case that prevents them from accessing the timer and possibly changing it.

It also has a greater resistance to potential damage.


  • There are multiple fun color options available that are bound to appeal to your toddler.
  • You can choose between three different timers.
  • 30 day manufacturer warranty has you covered if you experience any issues.
  • There are 3 different exciting tunes to choose from.
  • This product has been safety tested and is suitable to use with children as young as 18 months.


  • The quality of this watch could be improved as some customers commented that it broke after a few uses.



The Potty Fun Potty Training Watch has been designed to make potty training easier. It is easy to use with each of the functions clearly visible via the small screen display.

It also features three different timer settings each of which will automatically reset and begin a new countdown once it has reminded your toddler to use the potty.

As a brightly colored watch, it is likely to be more appealing and engaging to your toddler, helping to make the process seem much more fun.

Impressively, the timer will run for 8 continuous cycles before turning off and needing to be reset.

The high-quality silicone wrist band is safe for your child and soft against their skin for improved comfort.

It also features a buckle to hold the watch securely in place, eliminating the risk of it becoming loose and falling off throughout the day.

A great thing about this watch is the inclusion of a child lock feature which prevents them from tampering with the settings and possibly altering the timer on the watch.


  • It is designed to specifically fit toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3 comfortably.
  • It's affordably priced and excellent value for money.
  • The soft silicone strap design ensures that it is safe for your toddler to wear.
  • It is childproof so they are unable to access and alter the settings.
  • You can choose between three different timers.


  • The watch strap is on the smaller side so may not be the best fit for some toddlers.



Make potty training fun and easy for your toddlers by using this exciting training watch and Ebook.

The watch is programmed to play wheels on the bus, a tune that is likely to be recognized by many toddlers, therefore making the process much more exciting. 

There are four different timers to choose from so you can select the best option for your toddler's needs and daily routine.

Each of the timers will then automatically reset throughout the day unless turned off. 

A great thing about this watch is that the settings can be altered to suit the environment.

If your child is in school or a quieter area, you can set it to vibrate and this will stop it from distracting those around them.

This watch can withstand tampering from your children and has been designed so that the set timers cannot be accidentally reset.

The materials are also waterproof which is great as your children won't need to remove it each time that they need to wash their hands.


  • This watch is available in two different color options, blue or pink.
  • It comes with a complimentary Ebook that is a great educational aid for toddlers.
  • The watch can be easily recharged using the USB cable.
  • The strap is non-toxic and free of BPA and latex so it is safe for your child. 
  • The buckle strap design allows you to adjust the strap to a secure fit.


  • The instructions provided are a little unclear making the watch uneasy to use. 

Buyer's Guide

When it comes to selecting a potty training watch there are many factors to consider.

There are many different styles available, some of which are more advanced than others.

It is important to ensure that the watch selected is going to be effective in encouraging your toddler to use the potty.

We have identified our top tips for choosing the best product along with some features that you should expect to find in a great quality potty training watch.

The Timer Options

Most watches will come with various timer options.

They typically begin at 30 minutes and increase to 90 minutes or 2 hours. This is ideal in allowing you to select the timer that is best suited to your toddler's needs.

While some parents may prefer to opt for the shorter timer, others may opt for a lengthier timer.

It also depends on your daily routine as a particular timer may be more accommodative towards your daily schedule than others.

For example, if your toddler is attending school or preschool you may want to select the longer timer that works better with their daily activity.

The Battery Life

The battery life of the watches can differ between the brands.

Of course, a watch with a long battery life is going to be much more convenient as you aren't going to find yourself needing to interrupt the training process to put the watch onto charge.

If the battery life is longer you are going to enjoy greater flexibility in regards to the length of time that you can use it without needing to recharge it.

You will also find that most of these watches are designed with rechargeable batteries. To charge the watch it simply needs to be connected to the USB cable provided.

It is also preferable to opt for a watch that displays the battery percentage as this indicates how much use you have left before it loses its charge. 

The Features

The purpose of a potty training watch is to make the process of potty training much more appealing to your toddler.

For many, their toys are likely to appear much more exciting to them than learning how to use the potty.

This makes it important to consider the features offered by each style of watch. Generally, they all tend to play a tune and light up when it is time to go to the potty.

It is even better if the tune is recognized by your toddler, as this is likely to encourage an enthusiastic reaction and excitement towards using the potty. 

A great thing about many watches is that they can be set to vibrate or mute. This is ideal for catering to different environments.

For example, if your children are attending school the watch isn't going to play a loud tune instead it will provide a gentle reminder that isn't going to be distracting for their classmates.


When your child is wearing a watch throughout the day, it can be super inconvenient having to take it on and off each time that they need to wash their hands.

This is where a waterproof watch comes in handy as they can keep the watch on without the risk of it becoming damaged following exposure to water.

It also means that if your children should happen to have any accidents involving water it isn't going to affect the quality or functionality of the watch.

Strap Size

A strap that features a buckle design allows you to alter the fit according to the size of your toddler's wrist.

You will also find that some watches are specifically marketed towards a particular age category while others are better suited for particular wrist sizes.

Adhering to the product specifications will ensure that the watch of choice fits your toddler's wrist correctly.

A secure fitting watch is going to be much more difficult for your toddler to remove themselves throughout the day.

If the watch is to loose there is a risk of it sliding off and potentially becoming misplaced or damaged as a result.

This is ultimately going to cause an interruption to the training process. 

The Color Options

The color and design of the watch are important as both factors are going to determine how effective it is.

A watch that boasts a fun and engaging design is likely to be much more appealing and exciting to your toddler.

If the design is rather boring, your toddler may not show great enthusiasm in wearing it. Many watches are designed with calming colors and others feature a more neutral design.

This is because many of these training watches are intended to be used as normal watches after potty training to help your children learn how to tell the time as they get older. 


Ideally, the watch should feature a childproof design. This will ensure that the watch doesn't become damaged as a result of your toddler tampering with it.

Additionally, a childproof design prevents your toddler from accessing the settings and potentially changing the length of the timer.

This provides you with the assurance that your child can have the independence of wearing the watch throughout the day without being able to access the settings.


It is recommended to opt for a training watch that is covered by a warranty.

Some customers have commented on how their chosen potty training watches have failed to function following a few uses.

If this happens to be the case, a warranty has you covered against any defects or problems.

Many will also offer your money back so you aren't stuck with a faulty product that is going to be a wasted purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you set a timer for potty training?

The regularity in which you set the timer can differ, however, it is recommended that you stick to the same timer throughout the day.

Some parents may choose to set a 15 minute timer while others may choose to set a 20 to 30 minute timer.

If your child uses the potty, you can then restart the timer. However, if they don't you may choose to opt for a shorter timer until they do successfully use the potty.

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