Best Potty Training Seats for Boys


The time is upon us, potty training our little boys. The horror, the panic, the fear our bathrooms will become war zones. 

Potty training is down to attitude and the correct seat for your little lads. But what are the best potty training seats for boys? There are so many available now; it can be hard to know what the right option is for you!

Best Potty Training Seat for Boys

Thankfully, that is where we come in to save the day. We have found the best potty training seats for boys, added a buyer’s guide to walk you through the process, and included an FAQ section, so you can go forth and train your lads! 

Our Pick of the Best Potty Training Seats

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your training seat and go!


For those after a bargain and replacement for their existing toilet seat, this seat from Summer is a great option! The seat can be used by both adults and toddlers, saving space and hassle in your bathroom! 

The lightweight plastic seat has two toilet seats in one. The first seat has a smaller lid ideal for potty training children. The second seat underneath is the standard toilet seat suitable for adults. The integrated system saves you time as you don’t need to install and remove a separate seat after each use. 

The integrated seat is straightforward to install and comes with all the installation hardware, so you don’t even need to open your toolbox! The seat itself measures 15-inches in length and will fit on most round toilet seats. 

Some customers found the seat to not be overly durable for extended use for adults. This was mainly down to the included plastic bolts to secure the seat to the toilet. Some found that swapping the plastic bolts for your metal ones increased the seat’s durability and stopped any movement. 

Customers enjoyed the space-saving and convenience of this toilet seat and found it easy to clean. It was enjoyed by children who could use the adult toilet and found it easy to use. The finger grip to put the right size seat down was particularly popular, allowing children to be independent.  

For those after a toilet seat that can be used by everyone in your house and is a dream to clean, this seat from Summer is the one you need! 


  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Children and adults can use it to save space.
  • Lightweight seat
  • Affordable


  • Not durable for long-term use by adults 

More time to browse? Check out our other great options below. 


For those after a training seat that is easy to use and easy to store, Jool Baby has the potty training seat for you! Available in Aqua or Pink, the seat sits on top of your existing toilet seat and provides a safe and easy way for your children to use the toilet. 

The affordable seat will fit most standard round and oval toilets and comes with a built-in splash guard that makes this seat great for boys! The splash guard will save your bathroom from any spills and help potty train your boys. 

Some customers found that the splash guard was not very useful and that some pee did leak out. Some customers solved this by placing the training seat directly on the rim of the toilet. These issues could also be caused by the seat, not fitting correctly on their toilet. 

Jool Baby’s seat features non-slip materials and is lightweight, so your children can use it themselves and grow in confidence each time they do! The non-slip feature and rubber grip ensure the seat stays on the toilet when in use, keeping your child safe. 

What’s great about this seat is it comes with a hook that the seat can be stored on when not in use. It's so easy that your child can take it off and place it on the hook themselves!  

Customers found the seat incredibly comfortable and easy to use, allowing their children to go to the bathroom independently. They were impressed with the storage hook and the sturdy feel of the seat. 

The ability to remove the seat and travel with it is also a great feature, especially if you have more than one toilet in your home or plan a trip with your child. Jool Baby’s seat is an excellent option for those on a budget who want a secure and easy to use potty training seat. 


  • Affordable 
  • Two-color options: blue and pink
  • Non-slip materials ensure your child’s safety. 
  • Lightweight and travels well
  • Splash Guard keeps your bathroom clean.


  • Some customers found the splash guard ineffective.


For those after a super safe structure that will encourage toilet training but keep your child secure, this potty trainer from SKYROKU is the one for you! The seat and step ladder come in three colors: blue, navy blue, or pink. The bright colors should intrigue and encourage your child to use the toilet. 

The reasonably priced seat comes with many great features that you and your child are sure to love! The ladder is adjustable so that you can tailor it to your toilet and child's needs. The seat is designed to protect the spine; thanks to its raised feature at the back of the seat, your child's back will be kept secure. 

The seat is cushioned and super comfortable to use, as well as ridiculously easy to clean. It features a splash-proof design to ensure there is no leaking, always a plus when potty training boys! 

Customers found the seat very secure and sturdy to use, especially for slimmer children, as they did not slide out thanks to the handles. The seat and step are made from PP material to ensure it’s sturdy and has a maximum weight load of 165lbs (74kg)! The step is wide enough for children to stand on and stop their feet from dangling while on the toilet. 

Some customers found the instructions a little vague, which made the assembling process a long one. Be sure to check out video tutorials online to speed the process up! Overall, the installation process is not too complicated, and the unit can be folded up and stored when not in use, allowing adults to continue using the toilet. 

For those after a sturdy and easy to use seat with a ladder, SKYROKU’s has the one for you!


  • Reasonably priced 
  • Choice of three colors 
  • It fits most toilet shapes and sizes. 
  • Sturdy and safe with an anti-slip design. 
  • Suitable for boys and girls


  • Some customers found the instructions a little vague. 


After an affordable potty training seat? Then look no further than the potty ring from Fisher-Price. The adjustable seat will fit most toilets, although it is not suitable for padded toilet seats. 

The seat features an integrated splash guard that makes potty training boys easy and saves your bathroom floor from spillages! The seat is lightweight and effortless to clean with a comfortable contoured seat that is great for your little ones! 

There is a handle at the back of the seat, making it easy to pull off the seat and use the toilet as usual. The seat also comes with a hook, allowing you to store the seat when not in use. 

Customers enjoyed the secure fit of the seat and how sturdy it was while in use. In particular, they enjoyed the splash guard, finding it stopped spillage and was not too high that girls can also sit comfortably and use the seat. It's an excellent choice for those with small boys and girls being potty trained! 

For those after a bargain that is easy to set up and use, Fisher-Price has got you covered! 


  • Affordable 
  • Adjusts to fit most toilet seats
  • Easy to clean 
  • Integrated splash guard for boys 
  • Quick and easy to set up


  • Not suitable for padded seats


GrowthPic offers an excellent toilet seat with a step stool ladder that is incredibly durable for those with a bigger budget. 

The thick cushioned seat features four non-slip pads that ensure it fits the toilet securely, and the anti-skid rubbers ensure there is no movement while it is in use. The pedal’s feet and height can also be adjusted, tailoring the ladder to your child and toilet height. 

The ladder fits most standard toilets and is made from PP and PU to deliver a sturdy and durable feel. It is not suitable for square toilets or those over 16-inches high, though. The ladder and seat can be folded away when not used to ensure others can also use the toilet. 

It has a maximum weight load of 150lbs (68kg), and the additional footrest is a great addition, as your child's feet will not dangle while they are on the toilet. The included splash guard can be detached if needed and comes with an included screwdriver to assemble. 

Customers loved the independence it gave their children while they were potty training and eliminating the need for a separate stool. Some were impressed with the splash guard’s rubber feel, as it was softer and easier to maneuver around. 

Those with a bigger budget that want an incredibly safe and sturdy toilet seat and ladder for potty training should consider this option! 


  • Extremely durable and safe to use
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Thick cushioned seat for extra comfort 
  • Fully adjustable to suit your needs
  • Easy to remove and folds up quickly


  • Expensive 

Best Potty Training Seats for Boys Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to potty training, there are a few different types of potty training seats. Narrowing down which one is best suited for you should be the first step in selecting your new seat. 

Stand alone:

Stand-alone potty chairs are usually the first thing used in potty training. Typically a small child-sized toilet, it stays on the ground and is separate from your usual toilet. These are usually used to coax children to begin the potty training process. Our 5 Best Potty Training Toilets for Boys have some really cute options. 

Potty seat:

The potty seat is the next stage in potty training and the one we are solely focusing on today. It is an additional seat that sits on your standard toilet, allowing your child to use the adult toilet. These are the seats typically used for the longer period of potty training and can remain attached to the toilet until your child is big enough to fit on the adult toilet seat.

There are some variations with these. You can purchase an integrated seat, where there are two toilet seats attached, one for adults and one for potty training children. This option is popular as you don’t need to change the seat, perfect for when you are short of time because they have to go now. 

Another option is to have a separate seat, which can be attached to the toilet and removed after each use. Some people prefer these, as they are portable and more suited to those who travel. 

It is worth considering what option is better suited to you and your lifestyle. Also, consider what will best engage and encourage your child to use the toilet. 

Sometimes it can be trial and error to find the perfect potty training seat, but don’t be discouraged; your perfect seat is out there! 

Integrated steps?

Some of these potty seats come as a built-in set with integrated steps. These allow your children to climb up and sit on the toilet themselves, developing their independence. 

These can look rather bulky and be cumbersome to move at times; look out for foldable options that save time and space! The steps can be used as a stool for children to rest their legs on, which saves them from dangling while on the toilet. 

If opting for integrated steps, it's essential to make sure they will fit your toilet shape and size. Generally speaking, they aren’t the best for square toilets. It is also vital that the steps are deep enough to place a foot on securely without it slipping.

These are great options for those who want to encourage their child to go to the bathroom independently, but be sure you have space for it! 

Splash Guard?

Splash Guards are very handy when it comes to training boys! They are a taller or bigger front piece on the seat which will stop the child spraying outside the seat, meaning less clean up for you! 

The additional plastic means cleaning the seat will take a little longer, but if it saves the floor from pee, it’s worth it! 

Included tools?

Depending on the type of potty seat you purchase, some will take longer to assemble than others. Keep an eye out for seats that come with all the necessary assembly tools, so you don’t need to crack open the toolbox! 

A lot of these seats are easy to install also, look out for pre-assembled seats as this will make your life even easier! 

How much?

The price of potty training seats for boys can vary dramatically, making it hard to know just how much you should be spending. While you can spend a lot of money on a potty training seat, you don’t need to. 

There are plenty of great options that won’t break the bank! Be sure to set a budget and stick to it as best as possible. We are confident you will be able to get what you need no matter the budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is potty training boys different from girls?

Generally, it takes boys a little longer to potty train than girls, so you may be in for a longer journey. The most significant difference is that boys will stand up to pee, whereas girls will sit down. 

Usually, boys start by sitting down, and as they grow, they will learn to pee standing up. Toilet seats with included steps and ladders can make this process easier, but be sure that the step is sturdy and wide enough to allow for this! 

If you have any concerns about potty training, be sure to speak to a professional who can offer any additional tips or tricks! 

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