Best Boys Underwear


Now that you’ve finally begun making headway with potty training, you can finally begin looking for your child’s underwear. However, finding the right underwear can sometimes be just as difficult as potty training in itself. 

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration… but finding the perfect underwear for young boys can be a rather difficult task. For starters, you need to determine the correct style of underwear. Some children are fussy and will only consider using one type of underwear. 

Best Boys Underwear

Although it may seem preposterous to adults that only one style of underwear can be worn, to young children making the big leap up from diapers to underwear it can make perfect sense. Potty training is a sensitive time, so it’s best not to question this and just obey their wishes. 

Having said that, trying to find underwear for older boys is not exactly a walk in the park, either. For this reason, we’ve included both toddler and older boys underwear in our list so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. 

So, now that we’ve officially worried you enough to the point of peril, the good news is that we’re here to help.

We’ve found the top five packs of boys underwear for you to choose from. In case those aren’t viable for you, though, we’ve also added a buyers guide to cover all bases. Enjoy your search! 

Our Pick of The Best Boys Underwear


We know that the search for the perfect underwear can be a little daunting, so if you want to cut out the middleman altogether and skip right to the end of the search, we have you covered. 

From our research, we’ve concluded that the Paw Patrol Boys Handcraft Toddler Briefs are the best option out there on the market. (If you’re looking for the best option for older boys, skip down to the Marvel Little Boys' Spiderman Five-Pack of Briefs)! 

Here are a few reasons why we think that the Paw Patrol briefs are the best way to go for your little boy:

  • They’re made from 100% cotton, which is incredibly breathable and comfortable. 
  • The patterns and colors are bright and exciting. 
  • The brief shape is ideal for getting your toddler transitioning from diapers to underwear.

Top 5 Best Boys Underwear


Starting off our list is a pack of seven Paw Patrol toddler briefs. Paw Patrol is a highly watched children’s show that has even become a film, so we’re certain that almost every child has experienced the joys of six puppies conducting high stake rescue missions. 

The strength of these dogs can make your toddler believe that they can conquer anything - even potty training! Blue, green, and red are the main colors featured on these briefs, some adorning busier patterns than others. Don’t worry though, every pair can be machine washed without worrying about the print. 

These briefs are made from 100% cotton, making them the best material for sensitive skin. They’re also very breathable to prevent your child from becoming too uncomfortable. 

Briefs are great for toddlers who are starting to wean from diapers because they are not too restrictive and easy to pull on and off.


  • Lovely range of patterns and colors. 
  • Great for transitioning from diapers to underwear. 
  • 100% cotton for sensitive skin.


  • The patterns might differ from the image. 


The Hanes underwear is boxers rather than briefs, giving your child more choice in what they want to wear.

The split of cotton and polyester mixes well to create a soft material that won’t irritate sensitive skin or cause chaffing. Moreover, these boxers are very breathable for a playful child. 

You get six pairs of boxers in one pack, making this option very cost-effective and good value for money.

Each pair is either blue, green, or grey, and has different colored piping. Some are patterned and others are plain, giving your child the option to choose what he wants to wear. 

The waistband is made from high-quality elastic so that you can ensure a good fit every day. They won’t stretch out over time becoming looser, and they’ll remain comfortable for a longer time.

These boxers are for younger children, with sizes ranging from 2T to 4T. 


  • Super soft material.
  • Great value for money. 
  • High-quality waistband.


  • The sizing might run slightly small. 
  • One customer was not happy with the quality control. 


These briefs are covered in the amazing superhero that is Spiderman. The pack of five briefs is blue, black, red, and white. There is a mix of busy patterns and plain options for your child to choose from depending on their mood and their outfit. 

They’re made from 100% combed cotton which is great for the comfort of your child. They won’t bunch up during the day and your son will experience no overheating or sweating as he plays outside with his friends. 

Rest assured that these briefs are machine washable and that they come in sizes 4 to 8, so there’s an option for your child no matter what their size.

You don’t need to use your Spidey senses to know that these are a great option for your little boy!


  • Bright patterns and colors. 
  • Made from a very soft material.
  • Machine washable.


  •  The elasticated waistband might stretch. 
  • The patterns might differ from the image.


Much like the Marvel briefs above, this pack of underwear is also made up of briefs for older boys size 4 to 8, but this time they’re covered with Toy Story 4 prints. Woody, Buzz Light-Year, and Forky are among the patterns on these briefs. 

Toy Story 4 was one of the biggest films to be released in 2019, so you’d be hard-pressed to find a young boy that hasn’t seen it and fallen in love with these characters.

These briefs are 100% cotton, making them super soft and breathable for the wearer. The piping is a range of bright colors, certain to catch any little one’s eye as they’re getting dressed in the morning. 

You get five pairs of briefs in this pack, each with different patterns so that no two days are the same.

The underwear is hand-crafted so you can be sure that the quality is up to scratch. There is even a sizing chart on the back of the pack to ensure that you purchase the best size for your child. 


  • The high-quality pattern of a well-known film franchise. 
  • Brightly colored and sure to stand out. 
  • The sizing guide is included to ensure the perfect fit.


  • One reviewer found an issue with quality control. 


Fortnite has become very popular among young boys and girls in the last few years, so it stands to reason that many children would enjoy the Fortnite pattern on these boxers.

The blend of polyester and spandex creates a soft material that wicks away moisture as soon as it meets the fabric, which is great for active young boys. 

There are three pattern options to choose from, and you receive four pairs of boxers in each pack.

The first is purple and blue with llamas, the second is warm-toned colors with cartoon burgers, and the last is green and blue with an assortment of patterns printed on. 

With the first two color options, you receive at least one pair of plain boxers. The plain option can be beneficial for children who don’t always want to wear brightly patterned underwear.

These boxers are for children who are slightly older and are incredibly easy to pull on and off. 


  • Patterned with a popular game franchise. 
  • Lots of color options to pick from. 
  • Easy to wear.


  • The stitching might not be as high-quality as the rest of the garment. 
  • The material is rather thin. 

Boys Underwear Buying Guide

The above packs of boys underwear are the best options for you to pick from on the market. As you can see, they’re all high-quality and exciting enough to get your child interested in the idea of big boy underwear. 

However, we understand that not every child is going to enjoy the particular patterns or styles that the options above have adopted.

For this reason, below we’ve included some of the most important factors that we kept in mind when choosing the best options on the market. 

By following the same guidelines, you’ll be able to find the best pack of boys underwear for your child. 


Some parents have found that using underwear that excites your little one makes them more likely to wear them and not want to move back to diapers.

For this reason, many people choose underwear with fun patterns of your child’s favorite character on them. 

Whether it be Toy Story, Marvel, or DC, there is plenty of underwear on the market with different characters on them. Alternatively, there are also patterned alternatives for children who prefer dinosaurs or bright colors. 

If your child enjoys sports and is included in a little league team, you might want to factor in the possibility of their kit being of a low-quality.

If you go to watch your little one playing a game, you might want to be careful that their bright red underwear cannot be seen through their thin white shorts. 

While this isn’t necessarily a big deal, your son could get very upset if someone were to point this out to him.

To avoid the possibility of emotional damage, make sure that you factor in their common clothing choices before opting for dozens of brightly colored underwear. 


Ah, along comes the age-old question of boxers or briefs. There isn’t a set answer of which style is better for your son, so we’d suggest letting them choose for themselves.

Boxers are longer and therefore can bunch up while they’re running and playing, but briefs have the potential to chafe if they’re too snug against the legs. 

Some boys don’t have a preference for either style better, but some only like one of the other. For this reason, we’d suggest that you ask them what they’d prefer but have a few pairs of the other style available just in case they change their mind.

More often than not, boys will want to wear what their fathers do so this can be a good starting point if they don’t offer any insight when asked. 


No matter what style of underwear you get, the material must be comfortable and suitable for sensitive skin. Cotton is almost always the best option for underwear because it is breathable and soft enough not to cause irritation or chafing. 

The material should not be itchy or too thin that it is easily ripped. Polyester is another popular choice of material because it is comfortable and moisture-wicking. This is a particularly beneficial feature if your son enjoys playing for hours at a time. 


The size of the underwear you choose is very important to get correct. Underwear that is too small can constrict your child and make their underwear seem uncomfortable, which could cause them to become scared of it.

If you don’t want to revert to diapers, make sure that the size of the underwear you choose is not too small. 

However, having said that, underwear that is too big can easily bunch up and become uncomfortable.

Again, this could have a similar effect as underwear that is too small. Even worse, underwear that is too big could fall and expose your child. This is not what you want, which is why the correct sizing of underwear is so important. 

When you find a pack of underwear that you want to purchase, make sure that you check whether they have a sizing guide or not.

The customer reviews will also help you to determine whether the underwear runs small or big, so it’s always worth checking what other people have said before committing to a purchase.


The durability of the underwear that you choose must be impressive enough for you to not have to repeatedly repurchase underwear every couple of weeks.

First of all, check the reliability of the elasticated waistband. Check the customer reviews for a reliable answer to this question. 

As we mentioned above, underwear that is too big could be detrimental to your child’s mental health for obvious reasons.

So, a durable elasticated waistband is very important to look for. Moreover, children’s underwear often needs to be replaced every couple of months due to frequent growth spurts. 

Although this means that the durability of the underwear doesn’t need to be as impressive as adult underwear, it still should be worth the price that you’re paying for it. It’s also worth checking whether the pattern or character on the underwear is going to fade within a few washes.

Your child’s preference!

As we mentioned before, your child should have a say in what underwear he wants to wear! Allowing your child to pick their clothes makes them more likely to want to wear it and therefore you’re less likely to have to buy a new pack of diapers. 

Let your child pick the style and pattern to make them feel more involved in their own choices. It might take you some trial and error to find the perfect underwear for your son, but giving them the choice right off the bat might make your job a little easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should a boy wear underwear?

Children should begin wearing underwear at around the age of 2 to 3, or once they’re out of diapers.

Potty training can be a long experience, so most parents tend to begin weaning their child out of diapers by putting them in underwear once a week, then twice, three times, and so on. 

You don’t want to wait too long to introduce boys to underwear because they might be less willing to accept them.

Underwear can stop boys from touching their genitals, which can protect them from getting bacterial infections and viruses so don’t worry about your child from being too young for underwear. 

What underwear is best for boys?

Most boys don’t mind which underwear they wear and therefore there isn’t a set best option; however, we would advise younger boys to wear briefs as they don’t get in the way during playtime.

Moreover, briefs are rather similar to diapers and therefore can make the transition easier on them. 

We would suggest asking what they’d like to wear and go from there - there isn’t anything wrong with wearing briefs or boxers at a young age. 

Should kids sleep without underwear?

There is a lot of speculation out there on whether kids should sleep with or without underwear on.

However, one of the main reasons why men should sleep without underwear is often reflected on to younger boys as well. 

However, this reason is that underwear can restrict sperm production due to the additional heat and lack of breathing space.

As this is not a problem for boys under the age of 12, we see no reason why young children sleeping in underwear is fine as long as they are happy and comfortable.

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