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Potty training is not as simple as throwing away all of the diapers in your house and replacing them with fresh underwear.

Most children begin the potty training process between the ages of 1 and a half to three years old, so it stands to reason that they’d find it difficult to switch to something completely different than what they’ve been used to for years beforehand.

To help toddlers ease into underwear and help keep the transition moving as smoothly as possible, bottom training pants are used to get your child used to the feeling of wearing underwear that can be pulled up and down. 

Training pants soak up some of the liquid that occurs from accidents in case your child forgets to use the potty. Although training pants do not absorb as much as diapers do, they will prevent your toddler from becoming embarrassed about soaking themselves completely through. 

Some toddlers find it more daunting to use the potty than others, so training pants can be a crucial stepping stone to get to the final result of remaining dry.

Boy On Potty with Teddy

With so many training pants out there on the market, it can be a little confusing to know which ones to go with.

Never fear; however, as we are writing this article to help you with just that. Chances are that you want to get potty training well underway by now, so let’s dive straight in, shall we? 


After all of our research into bottom training pants, we have discovered that the Disney Girls' Minnie Mouse Multi-Pack Potty Training Pant is the best option out there on the market.

Don’t worry, we have included the Mickey Mouse counterpart within our list as well so that there are high-quality training pants for both girls and boys on our list. 

A few reasons why we think that Disney training pants are the best option to go for are as follows: 

  • They cover all bases when it comes to preventing leaks. 
  • You can machine wash them time and time again for as long as you and your toddler need them. 
  • They are a great incentive to get your child to move from diapers to potty training. 
  • The pack comes with a potty training chart and stickers.

Top 5 Best Bottom Training Pants


Starting off our list is the adorable three or seven-pack of Minnie Mouse training pants. They come in sizes from 2T to 4T and are made from cotton and polyester.

The latter material is great for absorbing liquids, and the former is used so that when it gets wet, your child can feel it against their skin and act on this uncomfortable feeling. 

You can wash these training pants in the washing machine to use them over and over again, making them excellent value for money. You’ll also receive a potty training chart that you can hang up for your toddler to see.

Once they use the potty, they can stick a sticker onto the chart as an incentive for using the potty. 

These training pants are brightly coloured and very fun for your child to look at, which makes them more excited and likely to wear them. They’re also high-waisted to feel as similar to diapers as possible and minimize the risk of leaking through the top of the pant. 


  • They gently push your child to prefer the potty over diapers. 
  • Machine washable. 
  • Prevent risk of leaks from the leg holes and the waistband.


  • The shape might change after several washes. 


We have found the Mickey Mouse counterpart to the Minnie Mouse training pants, so now all of you Disney lovers can enjoy the thought of having the infamous mouse on their underwear!

Much like the Minnie Mouse training pants, these are reusable and made from a blend of cotton and polyester. 

We love that you get a potty training chart along with stickers as an incentive for your child to begin using the potty rather than diapers. Choose between packs of three of seven pairs of training pants, and they are sized from 2T to 4T. 

The closure is elasticated to make them incredibly easy for your toddler to take off when they need to use the potty.

The cotton placed around the absorbent polyester acts as an indicator for your toddler to acknowledge once they’ve had an accident. 


  • Reusable training pants. 
  • Comes with a potty training chart. 
  • Very easy to use for toddlers and act just like normal underwear.


  • Sizing might run small. 
  • The patterns might differ from the image. 


Another pack of reusable training pants, these come in a pack of six colour and pattern options to ensure that your child gets the most exciting ones for them.

They are made from 100% cotton and therefore are incredibly soft and breathable, just like big kid underwear. 

These training pants can be washed in a washing machine multiple times so that you can use them for as long as you need to. Although the pattern might fade slightly after several washes, the absorbency and durability will not falter. 

The sizing ranges from 2T to 6T, so they’re ideal for larger kids as well as young toddlers.

This is the best size range that we have seen on the market! Considering the price and how many garments you get in a pack, this item is good value for the money. 


  • Six reusable training pants in one pack. 
  • Good durability even after several washes. 
  • The size range covers toddlers of all shapes and sizes!


  • Doesn’t hold as much liquid as you might require.
  • Sizing might run small. 


These toddler training pants are disposable and available in five different patterns depending on your child’s preference. They fit your child just like underwear, which is ideal to smoothly transition your child from diapers to potty training. 

The interior is liquid-locking and the leg holes are cuffed to ensure that nothing leaks out of the pant in case there is an accident.

The waistband is very stretchy and easily pulled on and off, so your toddler can use them without any help from you. 

These training pants are disposable, yet they are made from environmentally friendly materials that are sourced from plants. Moreover, you can choose between three toddler sizes to ensure that you choose the right one.

The packs come with 76 to 104 training pants, so you won’t need to purchase them repeatedly every week.


  • Underwear-like fit for smooth transitioning. 
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials. 
  • Easy for little fingers to use.


  • The material might be too rough for sensitive skin. 
  • Not using the size guide might cause leaks. 


Finally, these training pants are for toddlers sized 2T to 5T, and they can either come in a pack of boys patterned pants or girls pattered pants.

Having said that, there is not a distinct difference in either of the patterns so we’d say that they’re both unisex. 

There are side panels on the pants that can be refastened once they’ve been removed for easy usage.

Feel free to use these training pants during the day and night as they can protect your toddler from leaks up to 12 hours. There is even a wetness indicator! 

These training pants are free from perfumes, lotions, chlorine, and other chemicals that might irritate sensitive skin.

The breathable material ensures that your child remains comfortable as possible throughout this difficult process. 


  • Different patterns to choose from. 
  • Side panels for easy usage. 
  • Wetness indicator to tell you if the pant needs replacing.


  • The velcro might be sharp on the edges. 
  •  Not thick enough for some people. 

Bottom Training Pants Buying Guide

Bottom training pants aren’t one size fits all, and so there are a few considerations that you need to think about first before purchasing the training pants for your child.

Opting for the wrong pair of training pants can be quite detrimental to the potty training process, so it is vitally important that you do your research beforehand. 

If your toddler doesn’t want to wear the training pants that you picked out for them, they might get spooked about the entire idea of potty training and only want their diapers back. You don’t want to upset them, so you put them back in a diaper, and before you know it you’re back to square one. 

To avoid this from happening, make sure that you read the information down below to ensure that you’re opting for the best option for your toddler. Seriously, you’ll thank yourself in the long run! 


First things first, you need to determine whether you want to opt for reusable training pants or disposables. Reusable training pants are often made from cotton with absorbent material on the inside of the pants to soak up any liquids. 

Using cotton training pants can get your child used to the feeling of big kid underwear and therefore make the next step up to underwear less of a leap.

Moreover, you won’t have to keep throwing out training pants every time they get soiled, saving you money in the long run. 

However, disposable training pants have a similar feel to diapers which can ease your toddler into them rather than shocking the system with cotton.

Many parents like to begin with disposable training pants before moving them onto reusable options, and then finally onto underwear. 

Cotton training pants will not absorb as much liquid and therefore be more uncomfortable for your child, but this might make them more willing to use the potty.

Similarly, disposable training pants feel and act like a diaper so your toddler might not even know the difference. 

Disposable training pants will cost more in the long run and are worse for the environment; however, you should decide whether you think your toddler has the ability to move straight up from diapers to cotton training pants. 


Patterned underwear is very beneficial for children who are beginning to wean off of diapers because they’re more excited to wear underwear with Mickey Mouse on them. The pattern you choose will largely depend on your child and what their interests are. 

Reusable training pants are able to come in more interesting patterns and colours. It’s always worth checking to see if your toddler has a say in the pattern on their underwear.

If they feel as though they have been included in the choosing process, they might be more inclined to wear them and use them as they should. 


Training pants are used to ensure that in case your child cannot get to the potty in time, there is something in place to avoid accidents from happening all over the floor. Toddlers are very sensitive and even the slightest embarrassment can halt the potty training process altogether.

For this reason, it is vitally important that the training pants you choose are absorbent enough to catch anything that is not deposited into the potty. Make sure that you check on the absorbency rating of each training pant option to prevent any mishaps. 

As we mentioned before, reusable training pants will be less absorbent than disposable alternatives, so if you have a particularly sensitive child, you might want to factor this into the debate of reusable vs. disposable training pants. 

Accuracy of Sizing

The sizing is also very important in training pants as you want to choose a pant that is not too big, but not too small either. Training pants that are too big can cause leakages around the leg holes or the pant to slip down and become uncomfortable. 

On the other hand, training pants that are too small could also be too uncomfortable for your child. Moreover, the wet material might chafe and rub against your toddler’s sensitive skin which can cause them to not want to wear the pants anymore. 

Most training pants’ manufacturers will put a sizing guide on their advertisement so that you can make sure you opt for the correct size. Checking the customer reviews might also be helpful as you’ll be able to see how other parents found the sizing of the product. 

Ease of Use

Training pants are designed to be pulled up and down so that your toddler can begin using the potty on their own without your help. The whole point is to make them feel comfortable and independent so that it seems as though potty training was their idea in the first place. 

For this reason, the training pants that you choose need to be easy enough for a toddler to use. You might think that this is easy to do, but there are actually a few training pants that come in different shapes that make it harder for them to be removed by little fingers. 

This is another reason why the size of the training pant has to be correct. If you opt for a size that is too small, your toddler might have trouble using them by themselves which can deter them from using the potty. 

Value for Money

The value for money of the training pants that you opt for will depend on whether you’ve chosen to go for reusable or disposable options.

How many training pants are you getting in a pack? If you’ve opted for reusable, you’ll need a smaller number of training pants but they’ll need to be machine washable and durable enough for prolonged use. 

However, if you choose disposable training pants you need to ensure that you can purchase them every time you need a fresh pack without worrying about the cost.

Be cautious; however, as some inexpensive disposables can be less than high-quality. Low-quality indicates leaks, lack of comfort, and difficult usage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you start training pants?

You should start using training pants whenever your toddler starts exhibiting signs that they’re ready to begin potty training. This is often between ages 18 months to 2 years; however, you have the final say in when you’re going to start potting training. 

If you choose to potty train too early, it might take longer for your child to remain dry throughout the day and night because they’re not ready for the jump. Use your best judgment to ensure that you start training pants at the correct time. 

Are training pants a good idea?

Most parents will tell you that training pants are a great idea because they allow your toddler to experience a step up from diapers to potty training, making it easier on them.

You’ll also have fewer accidents to clean up, and your toddler won’t get as freaked out by underwear because they won’t be soiling their clothes as regularly. 

Having said that, every toddler is different and you might find that your child doesn’t need training pants to begin potty training.

Some toddlers hate training pants and will refuse to wear them. Unfortunately, you’ll need to conduct some trial and error before settling on the answer to this question. 

Do you need to use training pants?

Not every toddler needs to use training pants, and the older they are, the less likely they’ll need to. If your child is old enough to be able to tell you when they need to use the potty, they probably won’t need training pants (as long as you can get them to the potty fast enough!). 

However, toddlers who don’t know when they need to use the potty until it’s too late will need to use training underwear to minimize the risk of accidents. 

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