Best Bottles For Reflux


Acid reflux in babies can be pretty common during the first three months of their lives.

But just because it’s common doesn’t mean that it’s okay.

It’s definitely something that any parent is going to want to reduce for their child. 

Reflux can cause persistent wheezing, recurrent vomiting, and difficulty eating.

And it’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch. As parents, we just want to protect our little ones from anything that can cause them distress or discomfort.

We just want them to feel the same pure bliss and joy that we do when we look at those adorable little faces. 

And reflux will present plenty of problems for parents too.

A poorly and uncomfortable baby is enough emotional distress for a parent to handle anyway.

Factor in a whole lot of crying, lack of sleep, and a generally grumpy baby, isn’t exactly a recipe for success. 

Best Bottles For Reflux

Luckily, using the correct type of bottle for a baby with reflux can ease the discomfort tenfold.

Using a bottle that filters out extra air bubbles will mean fewer air bubbles in your baby's belly.

And it’s these air bubbles that are the main culprit of reflux. 

So what I’ve done, is compiled a list of the top five, best of the best, bottles for reflux that are available on the market.

This way you haven’t got to go searching around high and low for a solution.

Oh no, I think you deserve more than that.

So here you are, I’ve done all the work for you, all you need to do is read on and decide which bottle sounds like the best fit for you! 


I have actually reviewed the 5oz bottles for preemie babies before, so as you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of these bottles.

These bottles come in 8oz so they are more suitable for slightly bigger babies but they are an absolute dream for those who are suffering from reflux. 

The bottles contain anti-colic vents that prevents pesky air from being consumed by your baby which is the cause of your baby's discomfort.

And the nipple of the bottle is designed with a naturally wide shape that mimics a breast so is perfect for latching and babies that are progressing from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

The nipple even feels real. And because it’s so wide and rounded it's also a lot easier to clean.

And I know how much finding ways to make cleaning that little bit easier can be such a godsend to sleepless parents. 

It’s made with BPA-free silicone and is baby-safe.

It’s also safe to use in the dishwasher and the microwave.

So not only will this bottle make life less painful for your child, but it also makes life a little easier for mom and dad too. 

The overall balance is a little bit off, just because the bottle is so small, be careful about where you place it otherwise it may topple over and spill.

And there’s enough cleaning up to do without adding anything else to the mix. 


  • Anti-Colic Features
  • Easy To Clean
  • Mimics Breastfeeding


  • Some Leaks - make sure to close the lid securely
  • Not Great At Standing Upright


If you’ve read any of my other bottle reviews, I promise I don’t always talk about the same bottles.

After this one, we’ll be on to new territory. But these bottles are so good for reflux that I can’t not talk about them. 

If your little one is struggling with latching on then you may want to really seriously consider trying them out with this bottle.

The nipple is one of the best in terms of recreating that natural breast shape.

Why is this relevant to reflux? Well, when your baby doesn’t latch on tightly, they allow air to be swallowed which is the main offender in causing reflux. 

The bottle is also shaped in a way that allows little hands and fingers to be able to grasp it firmly.

This is great for babies who like to hold their own bottles.

What I usually dislike about bottles with this feature is that they can be too narrow to clean easily, but this bottle finds the perfect balance between the two, working productively for both baby and mom. 

And it even goes further to prevent reflux with its anti-colic valve.

This built-in feature traps air and prevents your little one from ingesting any air. 

The bottle also has a slow-valve to prevent choking, but it is also compatible with many different sized nipples. 

I have only two issues with these bottles.

The first being that when your baby grows out of the standard nipple size provided, you’ll have to purchase bigger ones for it to still be fit for use.

And then secondly, the design can be a bit troublesome for getting all of the milk out.

Due to the middle groove, you’ll have to practically tip the bottle upside down to get the remaining milk and this isn’t a very natural or comfortable feeding position. 


  • Anti-Colic Features
  • Baby Can Hold Bottle
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Latch


  • Extra Nipples Needed
  • Milk Gets Trapped In The Bottle


Does your little one really suffer quite badly with colic or painful reflux?

It can be really tough to watch your child spitting up after food in a way that shows obvious discomfort.

Well, I might just have the perfect option for you.

And I really hope that it solves everyone's problems.

These bottles are heaven for reflux sufferers. 

It has a really clever nipple design that contains an AirFree vent.

This catches all of the air and helps your little one from ingesting it as they suckle.

This feature is also known to help prevent spit-up.

So your baby will feel much better, hopefully you’ll also feel better since your baby does, and as an added bonus, less clean-up after feeds too! 

Your baby can also latch on to the nipple really well which further prevents any air from being ingested.

The bottle is also made of just one component so that makes it so much easier to clean.

It’s even compatible with loads of different flow-rate nipples.

This means if they don’t fare well with one, you can interchange it for another. 

However, for preemie babies and newborns, I don’t think this bottle is massively suitable.

Even at the lowest level nipple, it is just a bit too big. 


  • Traps Air 
  • Easy To Latch
  • Grows As Your Baby Does (Other Nipples Available)
  • Easy To Clean


  • Not Suitable For Premature Babies Or Newborns


I absolutely adore these bottles for any baby that suffers from reflux.

And though I know I should remain impartial, I must say, I think these bottles are my favorite.

Most bottles do a pretty good job of using technology and features that prevent your little one from ingesting air, but this bottle just goes above and beyond. 

The first feature that needs to be mentioned is that the bottles are totally vacuum-free.

So these bottles are devoid of the main culprit, air, that causes those nasty tummy aches.

And if this wasn’t enough, there’s also a vent system design to stop symptoms such as spit-up, gas, reflux, and colic. 

You may be wondering how this bottle actually works.

I was when I found them. Well, the air comes into the bottle through its neck (the bottles, not the baby’s.) And it is then immediately sent to the internal venting system.

The venting system and the milk are not kept in the same area and so no air can reach the milk! 

These bottles are pretty well known, not to mention popular, for just how great they are at decreasing reflux symptoms in babies.

If that’s your goal then Dr Brown’s your guy.

And what’s great is that as your baby grows older you can choose to remove the vent if it is no longer necessary.

You have enough to buy without needing to switch out all your baby bottles, after all. 

The only real bad word I can say against it, is that it can be pretty tricky to clean.

But if it really helps to reduce your baby’s reflux, I think it’s worth the sacrifice. 


  • Vacuum-Free
  • Removable Vent


  • Hard To Clean


I promise that I’ll get into how these bottles work well for acid reflux, but just before I begin, can I take a minute to say how cute the little dinosaur design is on these bottles? They’re absolutely adorable. 

So, I think that this is the perfect first bottle for moms that are planning on transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

The nipple is so soft you would genuinely think it was skin.

If it could fool me, I’m confident it will fool your baby too.

It’s easy and comfortable for your baby to latch on to, so it should make the transition nice and easy. 

And, of course, it also reduces reflux. The anti-colic bottle has a vacuum within the bottle that traps any air.

And as we know, this stops your baby from getting that poorly tummy.

Sometimes when transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, your baby has reflux because they ingest more air when latching on.

This bottle ensures that they do not ingest any excess air and helps to prevent them from getting acid reflux. 

This bottle also has a slow-flow rate so they can swallow the milk at their own pace.

It also has a really wide opening at the top of the bottle which makes it easier to clean, which gives you more time to spend with your little one. 

Though while you’ll be thankful for the bottle's wide top, its wide bottom however, is another story.

The wide bottom is not compatible with all bottle warmers, so you’ll want to ensure they would be a match or that will result in you spending more money. 


  • Easy To Clean
  • Mimics Breastfeeding
  • Slow Flow Rate
  • Traps Air


  • Not Compatible With All Bottle Warmers

Buyers Guide

If you're looking to pick your own bottle for your baby with bad reflux there are a few features that you’ll want to look out for.

So below you’ll find a guide to all the essentials so that you can ensure that you have a check-list for what your bottle needs to incorporate. 

Nipple Shape

You might not think so, but choosing the right nipple shape is very important if your baby suffers with reflux.

This is because how your baby latches on to the nipple will affect how much air is ingested by your little one.

And when the air is ingested it can lead to digestive problems that cause your little one an upset tummy. 

Not every bottle will have a nipple that mimics a real breast - this is the feature that you need to look for.

The ideal nipple for your bottle will be as lifelike as possible.

They come in an array of sizes that are suitable for different babies.

Finding the size that is ideal for your baby will unfortunately just be a case of trial and error. 

Nipple Flow

Nipple flow is another important thing to consider.

Slow-flow nipples are great because they allow your baby to suckle at their own pace, they also help to prevent choking.

Swallowing an excessive amount of milk can also play a massive role in reflux.

However, if the flow is too slow your baby will ingest excess air and this can harm reflux. 

Fast-flow isn’t my first recommendation though because they can aggravate reflux and cause spit-ups.

It also means your child is more likely to overfeed which can make their tummy even more uncomfortable.

I’d only really move on to a fast-flow nipple if the slow-flow hasn’t really been suitable. 

Anti-Colic Features

You are really best disregarding any bottles that do not have any anti-colic features.

These features are what will really make the difference in improving your baby’s reflux.

There are several different types of features that can be used.

But you’re looking for any features that minimize air flow.

Some have vents within the nipples, while others have disks at the bottom for the air to pass through, or some even have vacuum-free features to totally block air. 

Pretty much all of these features are effective, so it won’t essentially matter which one you choose, but a bottle without one at all is a big no-no. 

Parental Perks

While you’ll inevitably make your choice based on which bottle has the best features for your baby, there’s nothing wrong with making sure the bottle works in your favor too.

There are plenty of bottle options that are really easy to clean and this is a feature that you’ll want to look for.

Especially in today's day and age, there just isn't enough time in a day to spend as much time as you’d like with your child.

If you can find ways to give yourself a little extra time together then definitely take it.

And let’s face it, would you rather spend time cuddling your baby or scrubbing the milk out of a difficult bottle? It’s a no-brainer, right? 

And other than just being easy to clean, you may want to look out for bottles that are dishwasher safe, easy to sanatize, microwave-safe, and any other handy features that are going to just make the very difficult job of being a parent that little bit easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bottles Cause Reflux?

Yes, it can. For example, bottle overflow can result in your baby consuming an excessive amount of milk which can lead to reflux and spit-up.

Bottles that don’t have features that help air escape also mean that your little one will ingest too much air and this can lead to reflux too. 

Is Warm Milk Easier For Babies To Digest?

Cold milk typically is easier for your child to digest.

However, with that being said many babies prefer their milk at body temperature at least. This is because it mimics breastfeeding.

You’re better off sticking with warm milk for your newborn. 

Does Cold Milk Make Babies Spit-Up?

Not really, no. Cold milk is actually kinder on the digestive system than warm milk is, but not many babies tend to like it.

They’re more likely to spit it back up because they’re fussy about the temperature of the milk rather than the actual milk making them spit-up. 

Final Thoughts

No parent likes to see their baby anything but in perfect contentment.

We want happy babies, well babies. So seeing your baby struggle can be a real hard thing to go through.

However, hopefully with the introduction of one of these bottles, you’ll have your baby back to its happy self in no time! 

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