5 Best Potty Training Charts For Boys in 2024


For many toddlers, potty training can be a daunting process, and while some may begin potty training at a younger age, the transition can take longer for those who object to the use of a potty. 

Your child should be developmentally ready to begin using the potty as forcing them can elevate their feelings of uncertainty towards the process.
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Opinion is divided on reward charts, with many parents and experts hailing potty training charts as a helpful resource. Others believe that offering rewards may encourage your child to expect rewards every time they are required to learn something. 

The reward can be as simple as a sticker placed on the chart each time the potty is used correctly.

Of course, the training chart needs to be engaging. Otherwise, it is unlikely to appeal to your little boy and will therefore be ineffective in its purpose. We have browsed the market and selected our top picks of the best potty training charts for boys.

Our Best Potty Training Charts

If you are in a hurry, you will find our top pick below.




Our Top Pick

The Athena Futures Dinosaur Design Potty Training Chart comes with all the resources that you require to encourage your toddler to begin their potty training journey.

The set includes the training chart, an instruction page, instruction cards, a guide booklet, a certificate, two crowns, a pen, and a selection of stickers. These resources are going to engage the attention of your toddler.

You can place the instruction cards around the bathroom by the flush, washbasin, and toilet paper, so your children are aware of the different stages of the process.

The booklet also provides a helpful aid for parents as it is packed with plenty of tips and advice to help overcome any obstacles that you are currently facing in the process.

The training chart boasts a large surface area that provides plenty of room for adding all the stickers throughout the day.

The laminated material also protects the underlying board from wear and tear to ensure that it resists damage caused by rough handling. It has also been designed with bright colors that will attract the attention of your toddler. 


  • The certificate can be awarded to your child when fully potty trained in recognition of their efforts.
  • It comes with high-quality resources that are going to be helpful throughout the potty training process.
  • The reward chart can easily be hung within reach of your toddler so that they can add their stickers independently.
  • There is a selection of vibrant dinosaur-themed stickers to choose from, which will make the process more exciting.


  • The chart is a little flimsy, with some customers reporting that the corners were prone to bending.

Editors choice

Does your little boy love anything space-themed? If so, this potty training chart could be an excellent option.

The set, which comes in a cute box, contains reusable magnets, a reward chart and a downloadable potty training eBook for parents full of potty training strategies.

The chart has five actions your little one must do every time they use the potty. Each step is illustrated with a cute astronaut to encourage your little one to do their best. 

Your little one will be able to place a sticker on the chart for the following five actions:

  • Letting you know they needed to go.
  • Sitting on the potty.
  • Peeing or Pooping on the potty
  • Wiping and flushing with parents help
  • Washing their hands


  • The reusable magnetic stickers are great; they are very durable and can be used over and over. 
  • The space theme is excellent for all the space adventures out there, and the fun illustrations on the reward chart will engage your little one. 
  • The free downloadable eBook with potty training strategies for parents is a handy addition.


  • A few parents complained that the board was a bit flimsy.

Best Value

When it comes to value, you definitely can't beat this Sesame Street Potty Training Kit. The kit includes a Progress Reward Chart, Potty Time Progress Poster, Reward Stickers, Potty Training Checklist, Activity Book and 4 Storybooks (ABC's, Colors, Rhymes and Bedtime).  

Although the storybooks are not specifically potty training related, they will help keep your little one entertained while on the potty. The activity book does have some reference to potty training and the little progress poster is adorable. 

 The stickers are bright and fun, and if your toddler loves Elmo and the Sesame Street Characters, this will be a winner.  

 The four additional reading books are a great bonus. The books could be used to keep your little one entertained whilst on the potty, or you could consider using them as additional rewards each week when your toddler has successfully used the potty. 


  • The variety of items in the potty training kit means there are various things to keep your little one entertained.
  • The stickers are bright and colourful, which will engage your toddler. 
  • The four reading books could be put away and used as little prizes each week to reward your little one for successfully using the potty for the week.


  • The reading books are not potty training-related, and the pages are pretty flimsy, so not ideal for children under 2.
  • Some reviews commented that there were not enough reward stickers.

Runner Up

For vehicle-loving little boys, this LIL ADVENTS Vehicle Themed Potty Training Game is a great option.

The set comes with a potty training chart, 14 wooden vehicles inside the punch outdoors, activity board, shape and themed stickers and sticker of completion badge.

This reward system combines an advent calendar and potty training chart. Your little one places a sticker on the punch out little doors. Once your little one has placed two stickers on the punch outdoor, they open the door to receive their gift. 

Inside each door is a wooden vehicle. The interactive design recognizes the accomplishments of your toddler completing each of the tasks. The set consists of a magnetic training chart, magnetic stickers that feature various animal prints, instruction tips, and a certificate.

Essentially you are provided with all that you need for a smooth transition to the potty. 


  • Your little one will love the wooden vehicles and will get plenty of use out of them beyond potty training.
  • The little badge of completion is a cute addition and provides a great way of rewarding your child once they are successfully potty trained.
  • The advent calendar/reward chart can easily be placed in the bathroom.


  • This reward chart is a little more expensive than the majority of potty training tools. However, this is more than just a reward chart, and as mentioned, your toddler will get lots of play out of the wooden vehicles even beyond potty training.

Runner Up

The cute sea themed Potty Training kit comes with all the resources you require to encourage your toddler to begin their potty training journey.

The set includes the four-week training chart, an instruction page, four easy to understand training cards, a guide booklet, a certificate, an erasable pen, 168 themed stickers and 36 “I did it” stickers. These resources are going to engage the attention of your toddler.

The four easy to understand training cards can be placed around the bathroom next to the appropriate action so that your child is aware of the different stages of the process. Card one is to use the potty, two is to wipe with tissue, three is to flush, and four is to wash hands.

The chart, training cards and certificate are all made from soft waterproof plastic, which will protect them from water damage. Even the stickers are waterproof but do not leave residue on the chart when peeled off. 



  • The resources are durable and waterproof, making them perfect for placing in the bathroom.
  • It comes with high-quality resources that are going to be helpful throughout the potty training process.
  • It can easily be hung within reach of your toddler so that they can add their stickers independently.
  • There is a wide selection of vibrant themed stickers to choose from, which will make the process more exciting.


  • Some reviews commented that the stickers were a bit small.

Buyer’s Guide

A potty training chart can be a valuable resource; however, some will be more worthy of your purchase than others.

We have identified the criteria that we would advise you to consider before making your purchase below.


Potty training charts are available in many different themes. From dinosaurs to astronauts, Cars, Sesame Street, there is bound to be a theme that caters to your child's interests.

A potty training chart with a theme that interests your child will be more visually engaging to them. If they aren't interested in the theme, they may be less inclined to begin using it.

Bright colors are also recommended because they will make the chart much more exciting than one that is rather subtle and neutral. 

Contents of the Set

While some brands will provide you with the chart and accompanying stickers, others will provide you with an expanse of resources.

These additional resources often include an instructional guide that offers helpful tips for overcoming any potty training issues and details the expected results during different stages.

Instructional cards prove handy as they inform your child of the different stages of the process.

You can secure these cards to the different areas of your bathroom, e.g. the sink for handwashing, above the toilet for flushing, and beneath the toilet roll holder, and these visual clues will be beneficial to your child.

You will also be provided with a selection of stickers related to the theme of the chart. These stickers will excite your toddler as they can be added to the chart after each successful use of the potty.

Celebratory crowns and a badge are also a pleasant addition. As such, you can use these accessories to reward your toddler when they are successfully potty trained.

If your child isn't potty trained at the end of the 4-week schedule, which most charts run for, you can use these accessories to motivate them and reinforce positivity, so they are encouraged to continue progressing. 


The quality of the chart will influence how long it lasts. Flimsily designs are more likely to tear and break, unlike ones made from high-quality materials that will endure many uses.

Many have laminated coverings which protect the surface and make it easier to clean. Also, consider the quality of the magnetic properties.

Stickers with a poor quality magnetic backing will struggle to maintain a grip on the surface of the chart. A potty training chart should be durably designed to withstand tough handling from your toddler too. 


Most potty training charts are generously sized and provide adequate space to accommodate all of the stickers gained throughout the day.

Those with a smaller surface will struggle to fit all of the stickers.

Though this may not seem a significant issue, your toddler may be left feeling deflated if the stickers that they have earned throughout the day aren't displayed on the board.

The chart's size will determine how well the written details are presented and how legible they are. Larger text is preferable as it is going to be easier to distinguish. 


Some potty training charts are more expensive than others. The price is often determined by the contents of the set and the quality of the resources.

If you are only provided with the chart and no additional accessories, you will likely find that it retails at a lower price. If you are provided with an array of other resources, the price is likely to increase slightly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should a child be fully potty trained?

The age at which a child is entirely potty trained can differ as children progress at different stages.

However, most children tend to be night trained between 4 and 5 years old and fully potty trained by 6.

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