10 Great Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read


One of the challenges we face as parents when teaching our children to read is that they can often feel like it is a chore. So we have put together some of our favourite ways to encourage your child to read.

Encourage Reading
  1. Make reading part of your daily routine – Set aside regular read-aloud time with your child.
  2. Let humour work its magic – Children love books that are funny, even if they seem ridiculous to you. “The book with no pictures” by B. J. Novak, is a great book that my son finds hilarious. 
  3. Go to the public library – Let your child choose some books that they would like to read or have read to them. Many libraries have children's reading time groups, which your child may enjoy. 
  4. Pick books of interest – Pick books with themes and topics that your child is already interested in. 
  5. Leave funny notes around the house for your child to find – Your child will love reading them. 
  6. Use signs as part of pretend play – You could make pretend signs for grocery stores, shops or places of interest during playtime. This is a great way to encourage your child to read without them even noticing.
  7. Do a treasure hunt – Make clues for your child to read and figure out. At the end of the treasure hunt, you can give them a little treat for completing the treasure hunt.
  8. Grocery lists – Let your child help you make a grocery list and then let them read out the items as you do your shopping.
  9. Re-enact books and stories – Use puppets or toys from around the house to re-enact a book you have read. Your child will love this activity.
  10. Personalised book – Order a book with your child's name in. Personalisation helps children relate to the storylines – it's really them, in the story! Put Me In The Story offers a vast range of books to choose from and you can take advantage of 20% off sitewide today, by clicking the link above.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

Margaret Fuller

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